Ice Cold Marketing: A Simple Guide on SEO Content Creation

If a person is relatively new to the search marketing industry, they may have heard the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content being used in marketing meetings. This article is designed to answer some questions:

  • What is Search Engine Optimization content?
  • What is my strategy?
  • What kinds of content are there?

So, let’s get it going.

What are SEO contents?

To know and understand what SEO content is, it is pretty helpful to break it down into some parts:

SEO is a process of optimizing websites so that individuals can easily find them through search engines like Yahoo, Bing, or Google. Content means any info that lives on the World Wide Web and can be used on the Internet. Putting these two concepts together: SEO content is any type of material created with the aim of attracting online traffic to Google, Yahoo, or Bing. This article will not go on to tell everything people need to know about this marketing technique. That is a topic for another day. But here is a quick refresher on what people will need to do to optimize their web material:

Keyword research

If businesses want to generate traffic for their company through searches, it is best to do some keyword research before they start writing. By doing this, they can focus on keywords for which certain search volumes are already existing – in short; business owners need to write about subjects or find niches that the public is already looking for info about.

To find out more about keyword research, click this site for details.

Keyword optimization

Businesses should know how and where to use keywords in their material for max searchability.


The content on the website should be organized in a very logical way. It is not only excellent for SEO, but it can also help site visitors find other related content a lot easier. The longer visitors stay on the website, the better.


Individuals can increase the visibility of their new material by sharing it on social media platforms and creating links to their material, both externally and internally.

A word on intentions

It is vital to remember that if SE traffic is the company’s goal, its results will probably suffer. To please both SEs, who will reward them with a higher ranking in the long run, as well as possible return visitors and new customers, they need to offer value above and beyond SEO

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In short, they should not produce thin materials that rank and get clicks but do not provide additional value to users. Websites that promote these types of materials run the risk of being penalized by Bing, Yahoo, or Google. There is also a good chance they will have lower conversion and bounce rates.

Developing a strategy

If a person has been producing materials in an unplanned manner, praying and hoping that some of it will rank, it is time to commit to a more systematic strategy for the World Wide Web. Listed below are some steps to refining and defining the method.

Define the goals

First and foremost, determining the goals of a business or website is a must. Suppose the individual is looking to drive sales using their online platform or monetize their website through advertisements and just want to increase return readership and traffic. In that case, their goals will greatly determine what kinds of material they need to focus on. They can always ask marketing firms like Ice Cold Marketing for more tips about how to define their business goals.

If businesses are trying to drive product sales, their primary focus needs to be informative and attractive product pages that are properly optimized for both conversions and searches. Their secondary focus could be blog materials that show how and when to use the products they sell, linking to relevant pages.

It is best if the blog is not too self-promotional. Suppose the website operates on advertising models and aims to attract new users through search. In that case, they will want to focus on rich materials like long-form articles and video resources that are entertaining, informative, or both, with that ability to keep users on the website longer or help encourage them to be a returning user.

Businesses should consider their target market

Companies need to know their target market through an analytic survey to help them better look at their typical client or visitor. They should consider developing marketing characters or personas that represent their ideal website customers and visitors.

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