Essentials to create a perfect Business card

In this increasingly digital age, you can never underestimate the power of a Business card. An innovative and compact piece of card stock makes a real impact on a potential collaborator, employer, or client. A business card’s value with custom printing is based on what information is included on it, how it is designed, and quality printing.

No doubt human interaction is essential in a networking scenario, but a business card is still essential as it leaves the “last” first impression of you. A business card is a reminder, so it is necessary to keep it simple – it is just to jog the receiver’s memory to point them somewhere they can find more information or to your website.

Here are a few commandments by to make your business card the best business card.

Be original:

Be creative, be imaginative, and make it original to keep it memorable. To make it eye-catching and impressive, make sure that your business card has a unique message and double die-cut or a well-thought-out format that makes your dealer or client remember you.

Don’t bombard the information:

Try to be smart and sum up exactly what are the products or services your company provides. Use only your brand message and business logo on one side and the contact details on the other side of the business card.

Reinforce your brand:

Try to keep your business logo or branding as the only image on your business card. Don’t make it confusing by straying from your brand colors. Be synonymous to your brand as it will allow your peers or customers to associate you with your brand immediately.

Too social is something not allowed:

It is good to be on all social media platforms, but you need to caution and don’t put your personal Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter on your business card. Your prospective client has nothing to do with your daily workout routine or other personal information. Only add your professional social accounts that show off your industry knowledge and work to make your client aware of your skills and capabilities.

Don’t make things complicated:

Don’t make things over complicated with giving an impact to your clients that you have some certain complicated style of working or are particular in your choices. Keep the graphics and typography used on your card simple enough for anyone to understand and read.

It is so tempting to give a business card a gimmick, and it suits if it is a perfect one to suit your business. But keep it in a limit; otherwise, it will cause it to be discarded.

Work with professionals:

Always get your business card professionally printed and never try to do it on your own although you may have a top-of-the-line printer. Go to local printer or contact an online print shop, but make sure your business card is printed on the top-quality stock.

Explain your printing shop or printing company precisely what you want, including the Spot UVs and Vistaprint offer foil and metallic finishes.

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