Free Plugin Security Ninja Is A Complete Safeguard To Your Website

The security of a website is always of the utmost importance. Don’t think that having low traffic on site means that there will be no attack.  There are many security levels, and you cannot affect them all. You need to think on many aspects while developing a website. One of them is to install plugins as a precautionary step to prevent the malice attacks on your website. You should take several preventive actions to ensure that there is no chance of compromise at all. Security Ninja is a must have plugin for wordpress security and is available for free. For further information, you can visit

What does this reporting tool do?

Well, the security ninja is a reporting tool that helps you watch your website. It looks for Potential problems and the versions of software that are running on your server. It is the plugin that monitors your site for issues and finds threats just in one click. You had to pay for it as it was a premium plugin. But now it is completely free. Get more information about the free plugin security ninja at

The great reporting tool offers more than 40 tests that include:

  • WordPress options test
  • 0 day exploits tests
  • File permissions
  • Auto update modes tests
  • Debug modes tests
  • PHP related tests
  • Installation parameters tests
  • Brute force attack
  • version hiding
  • leftover file threats
  • database configuration tests

Security ninja paints threats in red and advises you about how to fix these issues. Every test will demonstrate how to repair a problem in detail. After installing this reporting tool, you have to start the scanning. The time it takes while scanning depends on your website. Then ninja shows a report to tell the status of your site.

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