Top Tips to Dramatically Change the Fate of Your Facebook Ad Campaign

We have all faced this problem as an advertiser on Facebook and other online marketing platforms. We try our best to create a high-quality ad and yet we lose money on clicks that brought us no conversions whatsoever.

We keep testing different ad creatives, change the demographics, get very specific with our audience, and use creative videos in the hope that it will work someday. However, eventually, we get frustrated and many of us even leave these advertising platforms.

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Tips that can help you in getting successful with social media marketing

  1. Make a compelling offer:
  • Even if your ad copy is not very strong, if you have a compelling offer to make, it will do the job 99% of the time.
  • Ensure that your offers are provoking the right emotions in the audience.
  • Don’t sell directly instead, sweeten your offer so that it appears like a favor and not direct selling.
  • Outsmart your competitors by offering something better than them.
  1. Track the sale record of your ads on performance parameters and do not focus on other metrics:
  • We know how excited we get when we get the first few clicks on our ad and when people start engaging on our content.
  • However, in the end, sales matter.
  • Always track your sales because it is sales that will eventually make your ad a high-performing one, otherwise, you are losing money even if you are getting a thousand clicks every day.
  1. Test and optimize:
  • This is done by making different categories in your ad campaigns.
  • Change the demographics for some, and change ad copy and designs for others.
  • Optimize your landing page to flow with the concept of your ad copy.
  • Test with different ad formats and various ad placements.
  • Running small tests by twisting and tweaking some parameters can help you in finding the one ad copy that finally clicks and brings you your first profitable sale.
  1. Get some perspective and focus on long-term planning:
  • Sit back, scroll down your newsfeed. Look for the ads that you are compelled to click and learn from those ads.
  • In some scenarios, you can spend more on building customer relationship that will eventually become profitable in the long run.
  • Build your ad campaigns by strategizing for the future and not for short-term sales.
  • We know it is difficult to track performance when we are working on long-term goals; therefore, it is prudent that we divide it into smaller goals that are more achievable and then build from them.

Strategies that can help you write the best Facebook ad content

Building a strong foundation for any ad campaign is very important and a strong foundation happens when you can write high-quality, valuable content for your ad. Here are some tips that can help you in improving your ad content quality:

  1. First, select your target audience, and then write for them
  2. Make different ad campaigns for different segments of customers. We often make the ad copy first and select our customers later. Doing the opposite will help you in changing the story.
  3. Your ad copy and the attached visuals should be able to reinforce the same message
  4. Don’t overboard your ad copy with multiple call-to-action buttons but having one clear button will help the audience in browsing through your ad easily.
  5. Link the call-to-action button with a perfectly designed landing page that reinforces the message of your ad.
  6. Simple, short, but valuable is the right way to do it
  7. Use direct and easily understandable language
  8. Use numbers in your ad. Use them upfront in your ad copy. If you have a discount to offer, write the exact percentage.

Keep testing your ad copies, use different images with your ad copy, and look for yourself which one resonates with the audience more before you spend your final budget on running the campaign itself. Keep experimenting with different ingredients and you will achieve your final goal, sales.

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