What to keep in mind before buying a used cell phone

It is essential to review the IMEI to verify that it has not been reported as stolen or lost. How to consult the database with the equipment blacklist? In addition, some tips are described to avoid falling into deception.
Buying a used cell phone, if it is in good condition, can be a good alternative, especially when you want to make a qualitative leap without neglecting your pocket.

Here are some basic questions to consider to Buy Used iPad or iPhone:

1. Know what you are looking for

It may seem obvious but it is not. Users are often heard asking for recommendations on “the best phone”. There is not a single answer. Everything will depend on the use that will be given to the mobile and the user’s demand, of course.

If the goal is to use it to take pictures and videos, then the priority will be the camera. In this sense we must consider the resolution, focal aperture, as well as the quantity and quality of the phone’s lenses.

If, on the other hand, the priority is that the cell phone has a battery that lasts all day, then we must focus on the capacity and evaluate if it has a fast charge. For all this, it is essential to consult the technical characteristics of the mobile before buying it. Here is a guide with some aspects that must be analyzed in detail.

2. The model

It is advisable to buy equipment that is not more than one or two years old since the older the mobile, the more chances there are that the battery is worn or has other problems in its operation.

On the other hand, in Android there are updates of the operating system that do not reach the older models, which will have an outdated software and this means that the mobile will be more vulnerable to any attack, since it will not include the latest patches.

  1. Where to buy
    You can use acquaintances, friends or eCommerce platforms. Some platforms are specialized in the segment of sale of used equipment where even 90 days of warranty and free shipping are offered. There, the equipment is also checked before being put on sale and a guarantee is offered.
  2. Control the IMEI
    The most advisable thing is to personally verify the equipment before buying it. In this case, there are some issues that must be evaluated. The first of these is the IMEI, a numerical series that serves to identify each team.
  3. Assess compatibility
    If the equipment was purchased abroad, it is possible – it happens with some brands and models – that it does not work in the country where it will be used. For this, it is necessary to consulate the frequencies that are used in the country and contrast it with those of the equipment. This information is in the manual or site of the manufacturer.
  4. Test the headphones

The audio jack is a sensitive area and may be damaged. It is suggested to wear headphones and test if they work.

  1. Check the charging connector
    Another sensitive point of the equipment is the connector for charging the battery. It is essential to test if the card works, since repairing this would be difficult and expensive.

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