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Securing your web server can be a pain, especially if you’re new to the game. You have to know what steps are necessary to ensure your site, where they should go, and why they need to be there.

Why Securing Your Web Server Is Essential?

What is the purpose of securing your website or server? Do you need to do this only if it’s a production site on some public network such as the internet? What matters maximum is how you treat your device. I have seen sites with the most beautiful of web front-ends on production that had mSQL or some other form of an open back end accessible through a browser that was vulnerable to hackers. Linux Web Hosting in India is the most popular option among web hosting providers.

Seven Steps That Will Help Secure Your Website!

1. Install a Firewall

The first thing you should do is install a firewall on your server. Several firewalls are out there, but the top 3 are Check Point FireWall-1, IP Tables, and CSF (Config Server Security & Firewall).

IP Tables uses a command-line interface to manage your firewall, which beginners can find difficult. There is also another application that you can install called APF (Advanced Policy Firewall). The installation process is very similar to IPTables, but the management console is a little easier to use.

2. Turn off Unused Services

Turning off services that you don’t use or need is a good idea for security. If your server gets compromised somehow and the bad guys get in, they can turn these services back on and use them to their advantage. Here’s a list of some standard ports and what service uses them:

3. Use Strong Passwords

Using strong passwords is the best idea, but I must stress that they must be solid! Don’t just use wordlists for dictionary words. That won’t even make it hard for somebody to get in. They can easily break your password using programs like Cain & Able and John the Ripper. You should at least use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

4. Change Your Root Password

Now, this is a significant step! If your root password ever got compromised somehow, the bad guys would have complete control over your server, and they can do what they want with it. Nobody wants that to happen. Right? To change your root password!

5. Disable Root Logins via SSH

Disabling root access to your server is a good idea for security, especially if you have a multi-user environment. If the bad guys somehow manage to gain access to your server, they can use it to their advantage by either deleting everything or installing malware and backdoors on your system. So locking the root user out is a good idea. You can always enable it if you need to bypass the -o PasswordAuthentication=yes on your ssh command.

6. SSL Certificate

Yes, there are also some things that you can do to secure your website’s communication with the client. And that is by using SSL certificates on your site! Not only will it encrypt your communication, but it will also show some signs of authenticity for your website, so users know they are visiting the right website.

7. Create Security Policies

Creating security policies is essential in securing your server because you need to set up rules and guidelines for your users to follow. For instance, you can set up a policy that tells your users not to download and install some types of software such as instant messengers, torrent files, or even entire file-sharing websites. You can also tell them what they can and cannot do on the server itself. The good idea is to set up a document with all your policies and guidelines and then post it in the leading directory on the server so they will be able to access it easily.

So, those were seven steps that you can take to secure your web server! I hope this was informative, and thank you for reading!


You have seen what steps you should take to secure your server. It is pretty simple but essential for security. Linux web hosting in India is an open-source operating system that uses a Linux-based server to host websites. A website cannot exist on the internet without hosting. Make sure to follow the steps mentioned in this article.

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Over the last decade, digitization has pushed organizations of all sizes to focus on their online presence. Also, search engines and social media platforms have evolved into major drivers of traffic to websites. With websites standing at the epicentre of all online activity for a business, the need for customized hosting plans has been on the rise. Enterprises have also started dedicating a lot of time and resources in creating websites that reflect the brand and look for hosting plans that can offer optimum site performance to users. This has led to the exponential growth of the Reseller Hosting industry as it allows individuals and organizations to become a web host without spending on the required infrastructure. If you are planning to start a Reseller Hosting business, then this article is just for you. Today, we will share some tips about the kind of groundwork required before you become a hosting reseller.

1.      Define your Business Goals carefully

Becoming a hosting reseller isn’t just about buying a reseller package, creating smaller packages, and selling hosting plans to clients. The reseller market is very competitive. Hence, you need to be clear about why you are starting the business? Profits are an obvious reason. Apart from profits, what are your goals? An additional source of income? Or, a full-fledged business in a few years? Define your goals carefully as they will determine how you promote your brand in the market.

2.      Think about your prospective clients

Competitiveness also demands that you construct your products around a specific market segment. If you think that you will sell to anyone who has a website, then your advertising and marketing communications will lack focus and may portray your brand in a bad light. Think about your prospective clients, understand their industry, identify their hosting requirements, and then start your business.

3.      Think about your competitors

Once you know your target market, find out which hosting providers are currently catering to that segment. What are they offering? What are their USPs? What do clients like about them, and what do they hate? This research will not only help you design effective marketing plans but also design packages that hit the sweet spot.

4.      Understand the Basics

You are not required to be a technical whiz to become a hosting reseller. Having said that, you do need to know enough to be able to sell your products and understand the concerns of your clients.

5.      Consider all aspects before selecting the Hosting Company

You will be buying a reseller package from a hosting company and sell it to your clients in smaller parts. Therefore, the quality of your services will depend on the quality of services offered by the company. Hence, don’t just look for Cheap Reseller Hosting plans but consider all aspects before choosing the Reseller Hosting company. Also, decide if you want to opt for a reseller plan based on Windows or Linux.

Summing Up

By following these tips, you can create a profitable reseller business without a heavy initial investment. Plan it well and be clear about your goals before you start. The reseller market is booming, and a clear perspective can get you places. Good Luck!

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Scaling a business is hard – everyone knows that. A considerable amount of effort is required. You might even have to wear different hats for that. You will have to deal with sales, marketing, understand taxes, engage with customers on a daily basis and the list goes on and on. Unless you are sticking to small business management tips, it can take a toll on you.

Those of you who are struggling to grow their business, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. There are proven tactics through which you can make your small business grow. Let’s explore them:

  • Do some research

Everything starts with proper research. It is important to understand what your business can do with the money and resources it has.

Take out all the previous accounting records, stats, and analytics. How was the performance of your business over the past years? From all this data, can you make future sales projections?

If you must, then talk to your lawyer, accountant or business advisor. They can help you in making profound decisions about the future of your business.

  • Set goals

What goals are you trying to achieve? They need to be on the paper and they must be measurable. Without goals, you cannot expect a business to grow and expand. When you have goals, you have something to strive for. It gives a direction to your path.

Create SMART goals i.e. specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

  • Nurture your existing customers

Before you head out to find new prospects, take a moment of your time to value your existing customers. Send them newsletters, promotional emails, and offers.

At the same time, build your customer base by looking for new opportunities. The key is to achieve balance between nurturing the existing customers and find new ones.

  • Use social media

Why not leverage social media to your benefit? It’s a powerful tool for promoting your business and gain valuable insights about your on-going campaigns. There is a technique called social listening that lets you find out what your customers are saying about you. It also offers insights about your audience’s behavior, identify keywords and trends and similar other information that can help you improve customer service.

  • Attend networking events

When it comes to growing your small business, networking is the key to success. Networking lets you build a relationship with other people. As they get to know about your business, they might help you get some customers through word of mouth.

  • Build a sales funnel

A sales funnel can help you grow your business quickly. It’s said that if you don’t have a sales funnel yet, you are making a huge mistake. Sales funnel actually automates your business. You are able to scale and grow it at the same time.

Before you create a sales funnel, you must conceptualize it. This will be your automated selling machine that will keep your business growing without any external help.

  • Create a customer loyalty program

Loyalty programs play a significant role in increasing sales. Did you know it costs up to 3 times more to acquire a new customer as compared to retaining one? So long story short, it is expensive to find new prospects.

With a customer loyalty program, you can retain your customers. Somewhere down the road, it might even help you attract new customers. It is one of those efforts that will always pay you off in the long run. These programs help with customer retention, help generate user reviews, your business gets to save money, and you might even get customer referrals.

  • Identify new opportunities

You can only identify new business opportunities if you are able to understand your demographics better. This calls for understanding everything – competitors, distribution channels, foreign market and other industries that might indirectly impact your business. With proper analysis, you will be able to identify a new number of opportunities.

  • Build passive income streams

It takes a significant amount of effort to grow a business. If your profit margin is thin, then consider building additional income through a passive income stream. This will help you afford the opportunity to make mistakes. You will stay in business and it will offer you a basis to grow and market yourself.

  • Get customer feedback

If you really want to learn how to grow your business, hear it from your customers. Get to know them and learn what they want. Who knows with their feedback, you get a new direction for business expansion.

Summing Up

Along with a lot of hard work, you will also need patience. That way, you will get to break through the obstacles.

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There are a wide range of things that you have to think about referral programming. The fundamental ones incorporate this is the most ideal route for you to have the capacity to make sense of how to inspire leads and referrals without doing any of the diligent work individually. So you get the opportunity to invest significantly less energy accomplishing something that once would have taken a great deal of time.

Clearly in the present tumultuous world time the board is critical. With referral software you will think that its simpler to deal with your time with regards to finding assets or finding a referral. Furthermore you are going to really be responsible for the referral procedure here and there which is an incredible expansion too.

With regards to utilizing a referral programming you will in any case should have the capacity to have a strong association with your clients. Having a decent association with those individuals that you are working with will separate your business. So then when somebody requests a referral your clients will be significantly bound to make reference to you then any other individual.

This is something that is extremely going to change things for you. You will get new arrangements of leads produced so a great deal of the diligent work will be brisk and simple with the referral programming. Presently today there are numerous structures that this kind of showcasing can happen in.

One way is that the referral programming can produce call records for you to call individuals. Furthermore you may find that you can get email records and convey gather messages. Anyway neither of those precedents are as amazing as the sort of promoting where the point of view client gets an individual written by hand card sent to them.

This is one gigantic distinction with the sort of referral programming that is currently being offered to your independent venture. Simply envision how awed your clients will be the point at which they get their “written by hand” welcoming cards via the post office. You will rest guaranteed that your clients will be cheerful and shockingly energized with this kind of programming.

So ensure that you pick the best and discover the referral programming

Referral software that will be extraordinary and most very much engaged by your future customers. You will be happy that you did and you will rapidly find that it is something that is not normal for anything you have ever use. Your developing business will be the consequence of you visiting



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Whenever you are developing a document management software package, there are a few different aspects that you need to keep in mind. As an illustration, you may need to utilize a PDF OCR software component as part of your document management software to provide your program with the functionality it requires. Therefore, we should analyze the implementation of the software package from the beginning to the end, without forgetting to consider the costs of any management aspects in the initial budget proposal.

The project owner will then decide on the absolute relevance of a specific requirement, and then they make an initial proposal which takes into account all the different aspects of the software project. These principles can also be discovered in the useful agile development documentation. In short, building a document management software project it is not a simple undertaking.

For example, the OCR functionality may be required to be able to scan in paper forms and to have the software understand any text that is displayed on the paperwork. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and refers to the ability of the computer system to comprehend the characters, or letters, which are written on a paper form. Once the computer understands these letters, then the software will be able to convert these into a set of bytes where each byte represents a single character.

A byte is a series of 8 bits. Each bit is a binary value, either 0 or 1. The OCR program is, therefore, an essential part of the project. Also, view this link for more data.

Furthermore, the OCR module may be able to understand any characters that were handwritten on the form. This module will be essential if you wish to be able to scan in a questionnaire that was filled out by a human. On the other hand, OCR software is much more successful when it understands characters that were written by a computer or typed out on a typewriter.

This disparity exists because the handwriting of different humans may represent each letter in a very different fashion. Some people have writing that is easy for the system to understand and other people have a script which is nearly illegible. Therefore, the computer may have difficulty understanding a person who has sloppy handwriting. Also, view this link for more data.

If the program is unable to understand their handwriting, then the system will try to guess at what the letters are. This process may result in the program making some very wrong guesses, and the result may be a bunch of nonsense. Consequently, a fully functional OCR system is essential if you wish to be able to scan in different forms that may have handwriting on them.

Furthermore, whenever you make a change, you should make sure that you respect all the constraints that you have defined previously. Moreover, you should be aware that sometimes you will have to complete a specific step before you can finish the following elements of the project.









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Organizing an office is difficult if you do not have something that pulls everything together. You may have considered a number of programs that handle accounting, payroll, scheduling, logistics, and sales. However, you need a program that keeps everything close at-hand.

You may turn to Igloo Software or a comparable program, and the software coordinates your office under one umbrella. This article explains how you must choose office organizing software to keep your workers on-task during the day.

Link Everything To Your New Program

Your new software must be installed on every computer. Have your technical create a remote update so that you get all the upgrades the developer sends out and have a training for the whole of your staff. They must learn how to use the program to access the items they need to serve the company, and you must set up the dashboard to help your staff reach the information they need quickly.

Optimizing For Each Employee

You must select software that allows you arrange to a dashboard for each person to keep them productive. Your accounting staff sees the ledger before all else, but your HR staff sees applications and interview times. Mangers see the schedule for their employees, and you may check on everyone who works for you.

The software must look as though it belongs to your company. You cannot let your staff use something that does not carry the company message, and you must have the dashboard organized in colors that belong to your company. Put the company logo in the background, have company news included in the dashboard, and let your staff make additions to the dashboard that make it unique.

Spend Less

Your company spends much less money when you do not waste time during the day. A single dashboard allows you to access all the data you need, and you may send out jobs or tasks to employees much faster. The internal messaging system keeps everyone connected, and you are no longer wasting your time running around the office doing a job that the software can do in seconds.

Keeping your staff working throughout the ensures you all get the most out of the workday, and you no longer wonder what your staff is doing all day. You get reports back from completed tasks, check the schedule to see when someone left, and know when you have people out of the office.

The Big Picture

Your receptionist is always on top of what happens in the office when using office software. Managers can answer questions about any employees in seconds. You know what you are expected to do during the day, and your accounting team can see your financial situation.

Your company sees the big picture when using this software, and you must have it installed on every computer, tablet, or phone. Drivers for your company know their schedule, payroll goes out on-time, and you have complete control over your company’s growth/success.

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Finding a web designer is a crucial component to getting your online business off the ground. This is why you need to have an understanding of the things you will need to look for when you are hiring a web designer. Do not simply choose a web designer at random out of the phone book. Look into the person’s background and make sure you are hiring a quality person. Web designers come in many different skill levels. Therefore, you need to be very patient in your search in order to ensure that you hire a web designer who will do a great job for you. Here is what you will need to look for in a web designer.


  1. How long has the web designer been working in that particular field?


Experience is key when you are going to be hiring a web designer. You need to hire a person who has designed many websites in the past. Ideally, this person should specialize in designing sites that are similar to yours. The person you hire should have a minimum of three years of experience in web design. This amount of experience will ensure that he will be able to handle any request that you make. You might also want to look into some companies that offer various website design packages.


  1. The level of skill possessed by your web designer needs to be very high.


You should get an idea about the level of skill that your web designer has by looking at some of his earlier work. You should never agree to hire a web designer without first taking a look at a dozen or so of the previous sites he has been involved in creating. Play around with these sites to test out their speed and functionality. Testing out a web designer’s previous sites will give you a good idea of what your site will look like if you make the decision to hire that particular web designer.


  1. Your web designer should be able to adapt to sudden changes.


You might change your mind about the way you want your website to be designed after you have already given instructions to your web designer. Therefore, this person must not get flustered if you ask him to make changes quickly and without warning. Web design is not an exact science. Your web designer needs to be able to follow your instructions to the letter and change directions at a moment’s notice. He should also charge a reasonable rate for his services. It would be in your best interests to get prices from a variety of web designers before you hire someone.


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The iGeneration is more dedicated towards the internet and social media than any other thing in their lives. The studies draw attention to the hours-long internet use of children which seems irresistible. The kids between the ages of 8 and 12 give more than 6 hours of their day to the social networking platforms. Though the internet is not without perks as it introduces to the people across the world; develop self-confidence and release stress, at the same time it exposes the younger children to numerous vulnerabilities. The internet, particularly social media sites, holds several dangers including child predation, cyber-bullying, scamming, pornography, cat fishing and online sex crimes. Social media is found to be the helping tool of the predators in almost 82% of the child abuse cases in recent years. Child predation and other social media threats make it crucial for parents to keep eyes on their kids’ online lives using TOS and safeguard from the cruelties of the cyber world.

Who are Online Predators?

The online predators are the adult internet users who trap teens and tweens posing to be off target’s age fellow. The only aim of these predators is to sexually exploit the underage children and create child pornography. Be aware your child about online predators because they find the target on social media sites and other online platforms; tries to develop a bond with the target and make them meet personally in real. The emotionally disturbed, depressed and isolated kids are more likely to be the victim of child predators.

How Online Predators Trap Children?

The internet lets you communicate with the people around the world without any discrimination. While many use it for positive objectives, some others use this facility to trap the adolescents. The child predators around the world are using the internet and the online platforms such as social media sites, dating apps, emails, gaming sites, blogs and chat-rooms to get access to the vulnerable kids. The internet facilitates these predators to know about the target like what they do; where do they live; what their activities are and what their liking and disliking are.

These molesters gain the attention of the children by praising them, showing sympathy or even giving gifts. They want the children to develop a relationship with them. When the kids attract towards these predators, they start bringing sexual stuff in their chat. Afterwards, they share sexually explicit photos and videos containing child pornography or showing kids involved in sexual activities. The predators try to convince the kid that such sexual behavior is acceptable. The kids who get trapped are sexually exploited by these predators. In case, the victim feels reluctant to do what the predators want him/her to do, the predators blackmail the kid and threaten them to inform their parents about their earlier embarrassing activities. They force the victim to continue bearing sexual abuse. Those who do not find any way to rescue choose to take their lives.

How to Safeguard Kids from Online Predators?

Developing a strong relationship with your kids is crucial to make them comfortable sharing every unpleasant experience with you. Meanwhile, the digital monitoring of the children is another way to be aware of the kids’ online activities to safeguard them from the threats in the cyber world. There are several cell phone spying apps that enable parents to track the mobile phone use of their kids and closely watch out their online activities. TheOneSpy is one of those reliable and secure monitoring and parental control apps that help parents to protect their kids from the dangers in the real and cyber world.

How TOS Live Listening Protect Kids from Predators?

TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring app allows parents to keep tabs on the mobile phone activities of the children as well as their real-life activities. Once you install the app on the cell phone of your kid, you can remotely send a command to the spy app to turn on the microphone of your kid’s phone and let you listen the surrounding listening. For example, if your kid meets a child predator in person, you can listen to all of their conversations in real time. No matter wherever your kid is and whatsoever is he doing, you can listen to his negotiations and the surrounding sounds and voices. These voices help you detect what is going on in the surrounding of your child. Also, you can smell the dangers of time and rescue your child from the predators and other scoundrels in the real and cyber world.

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On the market available on the market are many cellular functions which can be primarily based on connecting individuals for friendships. Whereas such functions are thought of to be ‘basic’ apps, there was a must develop a cellular app that sometimes focuses on connecting individuals with the identical social classification. In different phrases, there was a grave must have a group cellular software. Effectively, not anymore! There are just a few cellular apps on Android and iOS which can be primarily based on worldwide communities.How are group apps completely different?The cellular apps primarily based on communities are completely different as in comparison with basic social media functions on the app shops. Relying on a specific caste, the app might divide individuals and put them below the identical label. As an example, in India, one of many widespread castes is Jain. The applying might have individuals registered below ‘Jain’ caste, and this implies, all of them are Jains. Likewise, completely different castes can have a whole bunch of 1000’s of individuals categorized in keeping with their castes.

Options of group appMobile functions primarily based on social classifications can have completely different options that assist communities develop stronger and more healthy. Such apps function on-line group directories. Listed here are just a few options that main caste directories provide:Full profile: An entire profile of a group member will be displayed. Such a profile would have the identify of an individual, his or her caste or group, native place, and present metropolis or city. The profile will be searched and seen by their fellow caste members.Location clever search: A group software can have a search mode that’s geo-specific. In different phrases, the group members can search their fellow group members in keeping with the areas or proximity. Say, a Jain can seek for Jain group members when she or he travels to a different place.Skilled assist: Folks from the identical communities usually tend to assist one another. A singular characteristic of ‘skilled assist’ might take communities to the subsequent degree. As an example, a chartered accountant from a selected group will be contacted by his fellow members for his skilled recommendation.

Customized chat: On-line group directories can have a ‘group chat’ possibility. The applying might help connecting individuals from the identical caste via dwell chat.Occasion creation: Totally different castes have completely different rituals and ceremonies. Via group software, one can create an occasion and ship a notification to all their group members in a single go.With above-mentioned options and plenty of different, a web based group software can do wonders for the communities worldwide. It’s a good idea and is developed to raised the societies.

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Each profitable cellular app has some distinctive story behind them and builders are gaining recognition for his or her roles in crafting such stellar purposes with excellent orientation and options. Nevertheless, the trail of improvement that they comply with by means of revolves multitude of ideas, concepts, and methodologies which can be sharply totally different from the pre-held perceptions of the appreneurs. This requires the revelation of the information about cellular purposes improvement which want prior consideration by the builders and house owners. Thus, with none additional ado, this is mentioning few thought-provoking information about iOS app improvement that want critical consideration to derive neat revenue out of the apps.#1 Interesting design compliments good app improvement

The trail to the success of an app is uncertain with out an interesting outlook. This calls for the arms of experience utility developer with in-depth data on user-interface together with logical advanced coding. Additional, they have to be able to designing nice graphics as per the scale of iOS cellphone screens.

#2 Compatibility with a number of units is a requisite

With quite a few variations of iOS units of Apple current out there, house owners have to guarantee that the app constructed are supported on all iOS variations. Any aspiring proprietor who goals at reaching a most variety of audiences by means of their app must make them suitable with all kinds of Apple units and display sizes.#three Innovation is the important thing

An revolutionary concept is that issues for a profitable app! Whereas individuals come throughout a number of types of apps every day, with some providing exact utilities and a few providing leisure, any new app getting a previous place out there is fairly tough. Real and lifelike concepts all the time work nicely out there permitting house owners to earn each single second. Thus, there’s want for a groundbreaking concept to assist an app achieve prominence quickly after its launch.#four Information relating to retailer’s Phrases & Situations is important

The Apple’s App Retailer adheres to the desired retailer critiques and human interface laws strictly. For this, builders must be acquainted with all of Apple’s phrases and situations for assuring the submission and approval of their apps within the retailer. Whereas most appreneurs overlook this side within the last section of improvement, lack of knowledge of the Apple’s coverage can flip as a serious roadblock of their launch.#5 Working for advertising and marketing and promotion

Subdued promotion is a serious blockade for the success adopted by the launch. Promotion issue is usually not encased as part of the event course of for which it could possibly undergo a serious setback after introduction out there. The house owners want to permit iPhone customers situated worldwide to know concerning the app and therefore ought to begin with blooming advertising and marketing concepts parallelly with its improvement. As an example, they’ll submit the app’s detailed data on social media websites, totally different weblog posts or video websites, host press releases, supply promo codes to first-time customers and so forth.

Creating an iOS app is greater than the straightforward improvement course of and revolves a variety of difficult duties! Getting an iOS app developed and authorised is sort of painstaking and thus require correct planning, sorting and advertising and marketing to assist the brand new app decide up the tempo out there.

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