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Social media marketing is not a walk in the park. Many entrepreneurs can attest to this. However, it is possible to exploit social media platforms to build a customer base for your product.

The key lies in creating an effective plan. A schedule is good for a variety of reasons such as:

  • For consistency in posting content
  • To avoid missing out on trends
  • To avoid rushed and ill-planned posts

Creating Catchy Content

The main reason you want to create content is to raise awareness for your brand. Therefore, your content must catch your audience’s attention. However, posting captivating content is not enough.

To catch and keep your audience’s attention, you need to post content regularly. The idea is to keep your brand’s name in your audience’s minds. When they need a product such as yours, they will remember your brand and buy that.

It is therefore important to engage your audience constantly with regular and quality content. This includes glossy images, videos as well as your brand’s logo. You can check cheap logo design services for tastefully created logos that fit your brand.

How to Draft a Practical Content Schedule

You want to stand out on your socials and attract the right audience for your business. To do this, you need to set goals then create content that will line up with them.

To set specific goals, you should consider factors such as the following:

  • Your target audience
  • Your brand values

A few questions to help you along include the following:

  • What are your marketing goals?
  • How will your marketing strategy help you to achieve your goals?

Setting general goals may not be the best option. Aim for specific measurable goals.

Drawing up a Plan for Your Social Media Content

1.      Posting Frequency

How often do you post your content? Businesses that take too long between posts are not very successful in social media marketing. It is important to keep the name of your brand in your clients’ minds.

You can make as many posts as you like. If you look at several business posts on social media platforms, you will notice that many appear repeatedly. These are the ones people talk about often.

2.      Create a Calendar for Your Content

A calendar helps you to be disciplined as you work with a schedule. First off, find out which content performs best. Then, create a schedule for posting that content. Also, there are calendar templates you can find online to help you with your schedule.

Your content calendar also allows you to work with different departments in your firm. Every department should chip in to have an all-inclusive plan.

3.      Plan Your Business Events in Good Time

If you plan to host a gala or run a promotion, you need to plan. Rushing leads to poor planning and even poorer execution. Planning gives you ample time to develop your content and create strategies for your event.

Additional events you need to plan for include the following:

  • Conferences
  • Holidays
  • New product launches
  • Cultural events such as award shows and festivals

4.      Promote Your Business Content

Content can be divided into several categories:

  • Written content
  • Images
  • Videos

All content should be of high quality to build your company’s or brand’s reputation. Once you have your content ready, distribute it to as many potential customers as you can. Promoting your posts via paid ads is a tried and tested way to get content to the relevant audience.

Posts links and include share buttons on your blogs. Then your followers can share with their followers and your content is likely to cross the virtual borders. Acknowledge the people who share your content by reposting or tagging them.

Interact with your followers on the posts too. Answer any questions and handle criticism with grace. All feedback is good as it helps you to improve your product. Having a strong customer support department is essential for handling your customers’ issues.

5.      Assess Your Results

How well has your social media marketing strategy worked? To find out, you need to track your progress. Keep comprehensive metrics that you can use to edit your plan in the future. Examine your content and note how each performed.

Determine how much awareness your content created and how many people it reached. How many of those reached converted into customers? Did sales improve with your social media marketing strategy? Answers to these questions will direct your next strategy.


Social media marketing is not a one-time thing. If the results are not impressive the first time, you don’t throw in the towel. The results help you to strategize again and come back stronger.

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Link Building

Link Building is one of the off-page SEO strategies which brings many visitors to your website. Link Building helps to increase the ranking of your the webpages. There are many Link Building strategies that are adopted to increase web rankings and bring webpages to the top of search engines. In this article, some of the important Link Building strategies are discussed.

Use of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the ideal strategies in Link Building. If you can write and offer quality content on specific or a lot of subjects, you can request other website or blog owners to publish your unique and valuable content in exchange for a backlink of your website URL from their website or blog. This is normally done by emailing the website/blog owners or authors or editors or administrators. The external website/blog owners will often be pleased and willing to publish your article in their website/blog or any content platform because your resourceful and insightful content as an article will bring new visitors to their website or blog and also help to retain existing users of the website and thereby increase their website ranking in search engines.

Guest Blogging can be done in multiple ways. You can write about a product or service and share your reviews or experience on them with natural backlinks to your webpage.

Another way of Guest Blogging is to write on the industry you are in with the new and upcoming updates therein. You can give advice and suggestions on how to adopt, adapt and succeed in the changing environment as a result of updates.

Guest Blogging increases the brand value and reputation of your webpages by gaining backlinks from even unexpected areas and segments.

The better your content, the higher your results through webpage visits by backlinks.

Inclusion of Infographics

Infographics are the picturized format of data that helps in easy visualization. The links added within the infographics will drive the viewers to visit your website. The subject discussed and the data you have provided on the infographic are the key that hold their curiosity and trigger them to click the links provided to seek more information from your website or webpages. The simple concept of using Infographics for Link Building through visually pleasing designs and layouts earn you visitors and higher Page Ranking.

In infographics, the perfect and optimal use of information, pictures, story, words, timeline and geographical data help for higher number of conversions. This Link Building strategy through the use of Infographics works best with the use of valid statistical information, flow diagram and process discussed which make the Infographic more informative and trustworthy, and thus helping it to rank top in SERP.

Social Media Engagement

Social Media is the best place where your backlinks work well. People who are unaware of your brand and website get acquainted with them. Your social profile and the quality of your posts enhance their perception and engagement with your brand and website through the backlinks provided. Use of perfect Anchor Texts will engage more users.

Nowadays an increasing number of people are now using social media to find business content to update themselves, enhance their understanding and to engage with brands. Building your follower base in social media and promoting your website backlinks in them will attract more visitors to your website or webpages through your posts and social profile. On Facebook, there are thousands and thousands of business pages engaging with the users daily. So, your Facebook Business Page is one place where your backlinks work well. The comments section of your Facebook account is one another nice place to post your backlinks.

For example, if you own a mobile accessories website, you can have your post pinned to the top in your timeline with your backlink in the post to generate good number of clicks. With the right mentions of keyword phrases about your products and various brands such as Apple, mi, etc., it will increase backlink engagement.

Post your website address in as many possible and effective ways on your social media pages. That increases the possibility of clicks to your backlinks whenever people visit and spend time on your pages, and read and engage with your profile and content there. For example, the top selling mobile brands have strong presence in all of social media. So, it is effortless to generate backlinks to your website whether you are in mobiles or anything for that matter quickly and effectively

Social media is one of the major communication platforms of the present information era. So, whatever your business or website is about, it is more a compulsion that it is integrated with social media. The backlinks that you are posting on social media really help to earn potential clicks and customers to your website or business.

Use of Multiple Tools & Options for Link Building

Link Building in a way is a process of trust building activity for your business. Each business needs visibility. If it is for online promotion, your website is a great way to get visibility. In order to gain visibility, the process of Link Building is a key. To unlock Link Building opportunities and to do it the perfect way, you need tools. A good Link Building service provider uses tools such as Ahref, Grammarly, WordPress, etc., effectively to perform multiple activities in their Link Building process. So, if you promote your Backlinks with the aid of best known tools, it will ease your processes and help to fulfill your objectives.

You may consider creating exotic landing pages and attract users to your website through backlinks. All that is needed are quality content, Anchor Text and Backlinking pages. For example, if you are selling Bluetooth earphones, you should have a detailed description of each product, brand and product features and Bluetooth models. So, good content clicks.

Broken Link Strategy

A broken link strategy is a simple replacement activity of the dead links with live links. If you have created a link elsewhere but have no webpage linked to the URL, it is a dead link or dead URL. Finding the broken links and getting replaced with the new live links or creating webpages or redirecting to relevant webpages that have active content is Broken Link Fixing Strategy and this will help your webpages get more users and traffic while at the same time increase your website’s overall SEO scores.

Develop your own brand

Your brand will tell who you are. So you have to build your brand identity through your own blogs. Placing backlinks of your website in your own blog has so much relativity and relevance and increases your website SEO prospects. To get traction from your blog, you should have good and sufficient information in the blog. Content continuation in your blog is vital to backlink. Disconnected content confuses the search engines about the purpose of your blog and adversely affects Page Authority of both your Blog and your Backlinked Webpages. Every blog post should be interlinked with context, keywords and scope for achieving great backlinking results.

Check competitor’s backlinks

One of the recent surveys reports that more than 40% of the search results rank the sites only due to the backlinks they are using. Here an important note is to keep an eye on your competitor’s backlinks. SEO Experts aver say that “links should be earned, not built.” One of the best ways to find the best backlinks for your page is to spy on your competitors on how they are getting the backlinks and build your own.

Your competitor may earn their links from various places. The task that is in front of you now is how you are going to replicate your competitor’s backlinks uniquely.  It is more important to choose the links that they shouldn’t raise a red flag. Replicating links is no longer a difficult one because the job was already done for you. Always keep in mind the best links of the competitors are always available for you to use for creating your backlinks but in an effective way. If you use the manual method of backlinking, that will raise spamming, copying or duplication issues.

Tracking of Backlinks

Most website owners create numerous backlinks but to monitor those backlinks once they create them. In course of time, some links get removed or break due to multiple reasons. You have to periodically monitor the live status of the backlinks and get the benefits of the whole purpose of creating those backlinks with a longtime perspective.


Link Building plays a significant role in getting your website ranked better and top in search engines. Google doesn’t consider how many pages you create for websites, but it will take into account how many quality backlinks your website has. Active backlinked webpages will keep increasing your website’s Domain Authority. So try the best strategies discussed here and implement successful Link Building and boost your website SEO.

Write to us, know about us and get our advice on Perfect Link Building Services at our website: SEO Linkbuilding


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We are already into an era where Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality technologies are being used. Technology has boomed to such a high-level that we can easily follow the road to a destination where we have to go just with a mobile and the internet. So, in this highly technological world, you can’t leave your business behind. It means you need to need have an online presence to be accessible to all at any time and from anywhere.

There are millions of websites being developed every day. Thanks to the vast availability of web designers and developers that take the efforts to build an engaging platform for your business. Web developers as well as designers play a key role in building your website. There are plenty of things to work on ad a developer and designer. Lots of coding and programming, client changes, technical errors and so on need to be managed by you as a web developer or a designer. Though a headache you do your job ambitiously to achieve something great. This is what helps you to get more and more clients. It increases trust among your clients.

When you develop the websites for your clients, their further step is to host it and for this they start searching for a good web host. Many times, they even might ask you to recommend a competent web host. Of course you should help them, but what’s your benefit in that. Would you be getting paid from the web host from recommending it? No, right?

What if you start offering web hosting services such as cheap wordpress hosting, and shared hosting along with website designing and development? Your clients will get a one-stop shop for their complete website management as well as you will earn extra by expanding your services. Your agency will act as an independent web hosting brand.

Let’s now take a look at the reasons to offer web hosting service as a web developer.

Reasons for Web Developers and Designers to Offer Web Hosting Service

Smart Investment

For selling web hosting services to your clients, you need to buy reseller hosting. Investment in reseller hosting is a smart investment as you get various benefits such as white label reseller hosting, cPanel control panel, free WHMCS, free website migration, free SSL certificate, customized branding, unlimited email accounts and so on.

Continuous Source of Income

As a web designer, you will find several ways to earn extra but you will need a good amount of financial investment and efforts too. However, with reseller hosting you offer an additional service to your clients for which you don’t need to take much efforts. With cPanel, you can easily manage your clients’ accounts. Also, you will need to act as a mediator between your clients and the web host when they face any query but for the rest of time you will surely earn monthly as you will be offering a complete web solution.

In technical terms, you will be the web host for your clients. Suppose your clients face any issues, you will receive their emails. You can either fix the issues on your own or contact your web host to get them resolved.

Business appears to be Unique and Appealing

There’s a lot of competition in the web development and designing market. When you think from the client’s perspective, you will find that they are looking for a complete web solution so that they don’t need to look for every service elsewhere. By delivering cheapest shared hosting, you reduce their efforts and also, save time for searching another vendor for hosting their website.

So, instead of making a promise that your website will be designed as you want, you can promise that it will be designed and hosted as per your preference. This will help you gain referrals too. If you manage your clients’ web hosting properly, they will surely recommend your name to others.

Expand Your Services

You will get a chance to expand your services and it will be an addition to your portfolio too. This will impact your business growth. You will be adding another skill set to your work portfolio which will make you appear highly qualified.

Create Your Hosting Brand

You will be able to sell the web hosting services with your own brand name. It means you will stand among the list of web hosting providers too when anyone searches for web hosting. The white label reseller hosting will allow selling web hosting services using your brand name. Your web host’s name won’t be visible anywhere to your clients.

The Bottom Line

As a web developer or a designer, you can easily start offering web hosting services to your clients. This will enable you to earn extra as well as your clients will get a complete web solution to design, host and manage their website. You will stand as a new hosting brand for them.


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We live in some quite different times that the last century when the marketing techniques are in question. Back in the day, people knew that finding what they need is easily reachable if they simply open the phonebook.

All businesses were available there. Now, however, things are quite different. There are a lot more businesses and there are especially a lot more ways to reach them. There’s the phone, web, email, social networking, and all kinds of other ways. See more about marketing here.

Finding a business is available through thousands of different internet pages that offer various solutions for your needs. Also, many DIY videos and tutorials are trying to help you do things alone instead of calling the pros.

What does all this mean for the business?

It means that there’s no way to promote your business in one place and hope for the word of mouth tactic. You need to bite and scratch for every client.

The world of marketing is changed. Everyone trying to sell their product without trying too much will face going out of business. If you want to be successful, you need to do something about the marketing issue.

How to create perfect marketing for your HVAC business?

There are lots of ways to do something with your AC and HVAC Distribution and Service Company. The first thing you must consider is having a great ad online. To do this, you need to hire a professional advertising company or do something yourself.

Since not all of us are capable of hiring expensive marketing companies, it’s best to find an affordable template online and do something based on it. If you take a look at you’ll see how easy it can be. Still, some previous knowledge is needed. That’s why it’s wise to take a look at this short instruction guide.

Why templates are a great way to do your marketing?

In the world of air conditioning and service for them, there’s not too much philosophy. You don’t need to hire an engineer to produce something else that is already well-known in the world of marketing. You just need a great idea and an excellent plan for promoting your product.

On the internet, you can find lots of places where these marketing templates are available. You shouldn’t go for the first one you find. The reason for this is that they may not be perfect for your company.

In the ocean of templates, you should be looking at those who are made exclusively for the needs of HVAC firms. Running an air conditioning firm is much different than running a shoe store, for example, and that’s why it’s crucial to find the best template there is for your type of business.

What do templates do?

When you get a template, you’re actually getting a product that’s ready to be promoted. You get a website that is already constructed and ready to operate. The only thing you need to do is to enter the essential information to make it your own.

You should insert the name, address, telephone, working hours, and all the other details that will show your customers how you conduct your business.

Depending on the marketing plan, you can also be active on social networks. You can ask for well-designed and prepared pages where you can continue promoting your product and your services.

How to find the best template?

It’s not easy locating the best one for you. There’s no one-size-fits-all system. You need to know what’s best for you first. This is why it’s crucial to stop searching and start thinking about what is the most valuable thing for you.

Make a plan and an idea of where you want your business to go. Then, when you have this in mind, look for the companies and brands providing templates based on your needs.

Look for a perfect design

When it comes to having a website that’s based on a template, it’s crucial to have a design that you’ll love. The design is something that creates an image of the company. If you don’t like the image of the website, you’re not going to like where your business is headed either.

The templates are all about design. Be sure that you’re making the right choice. In this case, the right choice is the one that you’ll see as amazing. However, be sure that you’re choosing something that people will see as appropriate, because that may change the way you get more or fewer customers.

Search for SEO features

The world of digital marketing today is all about search engines and social media marketing. For both, it’s crucial to have a team of people that will do a great job. Social media marketing requires constant activity online, while SEO is something that needs a strong foundation and constant work.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. People who are into this, know that all businesses who manage to provide a perfect SEO to their websites will see a major increase in traffic, thus, better business flow.

Because of these issues, you should be focusing on creating a perfectly optimized page. If you manage to put your website on the first page in the search engines, then you can be sure that customers will come to you all the time.

The only thing you need to do from that point on is to keep them. If you do great work, you’ll manage to retain the existing customers, and constantly get new ones. With it, you’ll grow your business, and create an empire of your company very fast. Check out this link for more SEO details.


These few points we shared about the HVAC templates are going to blow your air conditioning business up. People are going to look for you daily and you’ll have a lot more work than before. Just follow the advice and make sure you’re ready for success.


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There are two basic reasons why people choose to do their own Facebook ads in-house: they don’t have the time to hire a professional Facebook Ad consultant. Or, they prefer to control their campaigns on their own and retain the necessary knowledge at home. Whatever the reason is, one thing that all of these companies do not want to have happen is a loss of business due to their failure to realize that their ad campaign was not optimized properly.

A lot of companies have started thinking about outsourcing their advertising campaigns when they realize that the need for a qualified Facebook Ad consultant is very high. However, some of these companies still do not consider hiring an SEO company to help them with their online marketing needs.

The truth is that, hiring an SEO company or a Facebook ad consultant is actually a great move if you already know how to optimize your ad campaigns on your own. However, if you are new to this type of advertising, you might as well leave it to the professionals and take care of all the things yourself.

If you do your own keyword research, you will probably find out that you need to target the right keywords for your ads. But, you cannot just go by keywords alone because there are different types of keywords and their corresponding ranking in the search engines. For example, when it comes to local, there are three types of keyword and each of them has its own relevance and importance. You need to choose the correct type of keywords for your campaign to be effective.

When it comes to Google, you need to use specific keyword phrases, which are usually found in the website’s header, meta tags, and even the description of the page. So, if you want your advertisement to appear in Google’s top ten results, you need to get rid of any irrelevant keywords and replace it with appropriate keywords. You can also improve your chances of appearing in the top spot by including the correct keyword phrase in your advertisement’s title and the text of the ad.

In case you already know the correct keywords for your niche but are not able to optimize your campaign with the help of an SEO consultant, you can still work with an ad copywriter or a company that specializes in ad copywriting. They will write the copy for your ad so that will make your ad look professional.

To further boost your chances of success, you can also try to create and run several campaigns at once. This will make your ads more targeted, since you will be able to focus on different types of customers that might be interested in your product or services.

Of course, it would be better to hire an ad consultant to help you out with your ads campaign because they are already experienced in creating such campaigns, which means that they already know how to make your campaign efficient and effective. This way, you will be able to get the best results and get all the results from your campaign.

The best thing about using an ad’s consultant is that they can also help you manage your budget. Since they are already experienced in doing all the things related to your ad campaign, they can also help you manage your budget, which will ensure that your budget is not spent on unnecessary things. As a result, you will not be overspending and instead of overburdening yourself with costs, you will be able to concentrate on your ad campaign’s success.

Another advantage of hiring an ad’s consultant is that they are familiar with the latest techniques and methods that you can apply to make your campaign more efficient and effective. If you want to learn how to make your ads more effective, you can always ask them for help. to show you their strategies.

Aside from helping you out with your ad campaign, they can also help you optimize your website so that people who see your ads will be able to see more information and images related to your products and services. So, you will not only get more visitors for your ads, but also new visitors to your products. More traffic is always a plus when it comes to internet marketing. But, you have to remember that this will only happen if you spend enough time to advertise your ads and promote them.

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Did you know that the eCommerce industry in 2019 was responsible for some $3.5 trillion in sales? It is one of the fastest-growing and best return of investment businesses in the world at the moment. See more about it here.

There’s no doubt that the future of business is on the internet. All industries are starting to use most of the technology and they are all connected to the internet. The smart person who wants to make money today should be going online and learning everything there is for making money.

In this article, we’re going to give you a few tips on what you need to do to follow this advice and become rich yourself. Millions of people already did it across the world, so you should be doing it too.

Make sure you’ve got the budget

You can’t just quit everything and start selling stuff online. You need a certain budget, just like for anything else out there.

Make sure you have at least $10.000 that you can invest in creating a respectable store on Amazon, Shopify, or some of the other retail pages online. Once you’re covered, go with the next step.

Do the research

To start selling stuff online, you need to have them in your belonging. This is where most of the investment goes. To make more profits, you need to find a manufacturer or a seller that will provide items for a lower amount that you’ll be able to resell for a higher price.

Most people look for sellers on Alibaba, which is a Chinese site that is doing the same as the many American web sites. The only difference is that here products are very affordable as they are produced in China’s mainland. Learn more about this here:

You need to do proper research and find one that will offer the quality of their products and also provide a great price. Since there are thousands of options, you need to dive in deep and find the one that will have a great ranking, offer affordable items, and provides fast service.

When you find a great one, stick to them, and work regularly. Order bigger shipments as this way you’ll get a much better price. Selling them to the American customers for the same price will get you more profits.

Create an amazing store

To be visible to the customers, you have to create an amazing store. What you must do is set up titles and explanations about your products. Make sure you write a perfect explanation about every single product.

The more information you offer, the bigger chance you’ll have to get customers. People like to know what they are buying, so just a piece of information plus about a product can make a difference between you and someone else’s store.

Make sure you follow the SEO regulative. Better said, offer people what they are looking for. For example, if you’re selling key chains, make sure you create a title of the product that will explain exactly what you offer.

Use some of the most important keywords that customers will most likely use while searching for something on the platform. Additionally, explain exactly what they can expect from the product. If there are two or three colors, specify what they are. If there’s a ton of colors available, make sure you highlight this fact as it will attract customers.

Be patient

As Kevin David suggests, don’t think that you’ll become a millionaire overnight. Be patient and work on your dream. Use some of the many options available like FBA programs and similar, and do everything from home and your own computer that you regularly use. You can even work from the smartphone if you’re away from the keyboard.


These few points show that becoming rich from selling products online can be easily achieved. There are just a few steps for it. If you follow the rules and the guidelines, you’ll be done in no time.

Everyone deserves to live free from a stressed life. The regular job is destroying the personal life and no one is happy working for someone else. This is the ultimate best option. Take the chance and become rich.

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When the concept of creating a website comes in your mind, after the domain purchase the second most important thing that you need to buy is a hosting plan. Among all the available options in the market VPS hosting has gained more popularity these days. Generally, VPS plans to come up with more specifications and hence costly but they are much cheaper than dedicated servers.

In this article, we will discuss the Windows VPS or Windows Virtual Server which is common for the options because of the benefits it offers.

Here we have listed a few benefits of a Windows VPS or Windows Virtual Server

  • The first and foremost benefit a Windows VPS or Windows Virtual offers is that it is cheap as compared to a Dedicated Server and still offers all its features.
  • It can be made secure completely.
  • You can also customize your Windows VPS as and when required.
  • You can easily keep backups of your data and you don’t have to worry about the security and data breach.

All these features are available in a Dedicated Server hosting too but it is very expensive when compared to VPS Hosting. A VPS Hosting gives you all the features of Dedicated Server Hosting at a fraction of its price. Shared Hosting is also very cheap but it does not provide all these features which a Virtual Server is capable of.

So, finally when you have made your mind go in for a Virtual Server or VPS Hosting then you will have to lay down your requirements that you would need on your VPS server. List down all the things that you required for your website like RAM, bandwidth, and data transfer protocol, etc. Also, there are lots of hosting providers on the internet who give this service but you must be smart enough to find the best one for you.

Don’t trust blindly your host can be a bit tricky. You will have to do a lot of research before you sign up with one. Below are some of the features you must look into while searching for a cheap yet reliable Windows VPS Hosting provider.

– Check since how many years is the hosting provider in this business? The more the number of years greater would be its reliability.

– The second thing you must look for is the uptime of the company’s servers. Ideally, it should be 99.999%. An uptime of 99.999% means that your server would be up and running 99.999% of the time.

– Check whether the support is available on weekends or not and also whether they are available 24/7? This ensures that your issues will be rectified immediately, even on weekends, if they are available round the clock.

– Do they have a money-back guarantee? In case, you didn’t like their service and you already have paid for that, then with the money-back option, you can take back your money and move onto the other service provider.

I hope the factors mentioned above will help you to choose the best VPS hosting provider for your window system and make your business to new heights of accomplishment.

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This article is not about Harry but about “Product, Market, Customer, Marketing“. If you want to know more about this then you should read it:

Joanne K. Rowling finished her manuscript for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in 1995. She found an Agency to represent her in her quest for a publisher. She tried very hard to publish the story of the young wizard Harry Potter, but no agency wanted to publish it. After a long time of search, Bloomsbury (a publishing house in London) recognized the potential of Harry Potter. In 1997, J. K. Rowling and Bloomsbury published Philosopher’s Stone (just 500 for the market). In the US (market) the customers could find it under the title of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was published in July 1998 and in December 1999 the third novel, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, was released. The fourth book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, was released in 2000 and broke sales records on the market.

The fifth novel, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was published 3 years later in 2003. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was released in 2005.
The product was the book, now they needed the customers and consumers to buy it. 2007 Joanne K. Rowling finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Her Harry Potter books broke sales records. But How?

Harry Potter is a great book with a fantastic story, but J. K. Rowling also had a very good marketing strategy. 2019 it is still one of the most famous books.

Marketing Strategy

Joanne Rowling changed her name to J. K. Rowling because her management thought boys don’t like to read books which are written by a woman.

Harry Potter had a good marketing strategy. But at its core, the Harry Potter books were a good product and the consumers and customers liked it.
Harry Potter generates emotions. Harry Potter or any other book, product, business or brand can only become a phenomenon by the emotional involvement of consumers driving it to that status.

“Word-of-mouth marketing is a very important part of marketing and business”


A lot of customers heard about Harry Potter from another person. The customers bought the product because of the call to action of another consumer.
As soon as you got a group of consumers and customers (Harry Potter readers) it’s important to keep them loyal. Marketing has a lot do and to deal with customer and consumer loyalty.

Once a customer develops an emotional connection to the product and becomes loyal to a brand, it’s critical that nothing is done to damage the brand or betray consumers’ loyalties to it. If you lose it your business pays the price.

Joanne K. Rowling created an image of Harry Potter. An image the readers could identify with.

  1. K. continued to deliver on Harry Potters brand promise and brand loyalty and the customers brand advocacy continued to grow.
    After a while fans go crazy when they got leaking bits and pieces of information. J. K. Rowling did a good job by teasing some information’s. She told her fans that some important characters would die in the last books and everyone wanted to know who is going to die – Ron, Dumbledore or maybe Harry Potter himself.

A Movement, customers and marketing Service

Consumers build brands not a company – Advertising and a company might push customers and consumers in a direction, but finally the customer who experiences a brand, makes it his own, who becomes loyal to it beccause of emotional involvement pushes the product to success.

Harry Potter is the perfect example of a fundamental truth and wisdom: The consumers have got the might to build a brand.

The customers and the fandom are so powerful. If you use them for your marketing strategy you get a lot more potential for success. Because of this marketing and advertising Harry Potter was able to break sales records.

In 2019 J. K. Rowling sales her Harry Potter Books and products all over the world.

New Media Marketing and Customer Marketing

Never before a book caused so much traffic at the online Media: There are so many online texts about Harry Potter, discussions in the media and a lot of new stories.

Harry Potter got a big fandom and a lot of slash fandom. The Harry potter fans always wanted more of Harry Potter. The internet is an open space and it became a place where the Harry Potter consumers and fans socialize, network and experience the brand in their own ways. It is a process.
To handle this and to use it as marketing it needs a new process and a new way of marketing. A business and marketing strategy were needed.

Online marketing and social media marketing became more and more important for the business. Harry Potter is very famous on social media. The fandom is really active.

Social media marketing and online marketing need community management!

  1. K. decided to use the power of the Internet to build word-of-mouth marketing. The fan sites and blogs created a lot of fan fiction and fan art. It is a new kind of marketing, advertising and business. The marketing quickly realized that allowing consumers to take control of the conversation on social media and online and make the brand their own was far more powerful than trying to stop it. The fans do the advertising and marketing on their own – for a business it is hard to give up control and let the conversation flow, but it is a free marketing service.

An advertising and marketing service done by the customers.

More informations here:

Fans advertising, Fan products, Marketing

Pottermore and Wizarding World are marketing and services at the same time.

Like a Market-Place where fans can talk about the product. It’s a sales process.

2019 Harry Potter is one of the most famous books.

Marketing Tipps and Marketing Keywords:

  • Everything is a sales process, to sell products
  • Company business and marketing strategies
  • Services for customers
  • Find a market for products
  • Right marketing for right product
  • Good marketing services for a company or a business
  • Doing a research for the market and the product and analyze business, marketing and advertising strategies
  • Make good services
  • Use marketing
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If you have been working with an outside contractor to handle your search engine optimization, you’re going to want to be on the lookout for Black hat SEO practices. These unethical practices will help your website rank higher in google temporarily, in the long run however you will be penalized and your site may even be removed from the search engine. Understanding how you can identify these techniques will help you stay safe and keep your page up. Here are 4 signs to watch for:

Paying for links:

Having a high authority backlink can be powerful. Having too many links on a page with many other paid links can be rough for your page. If you find a website that has hundreds or even thousands of links going through to other sites or blogs, there is a good chance it’s a paid link site.

Stuffing keywords:

Keyword stuffing is another technique that can help you rank for certain keywords in your niche quickly. The ratio of keywords in a piece of content will give you a good idea if keyword stuffing has occurred. Using Yoast or another addon can help you quickly check on keyword ratios. If the ratio is far above 20% or more, you have been a victim of stuffing keywords.

Hidden linking:

Placing text behind an image, using off screen links, using 0 font size links, linking small text in content or links that blend into background colors are all outlawed under Google standards. This still remains a popular black cat strategy though.

Private blog network:

Paid views or a private network where content creators regularly visit the page from the same IP address, comment on content, click advertisements under agreement and more are in direct violation of google standard. This still remains a popular strategy for bumping content up search engines quickly and boosting pages. Keep an eye out for the same IP address is regularly visiting the page or identical comments on your content.

Keep these top signs in mind with your own page to prevent the chance you could be accused of black hat strategies.

This post was written by Kristian D’An. Kristian is the owner and SEO Specialist at Lux Digital Marketing, a St Pete SEO company. Kristian has been optimizing websites successfully for over 7 years. He has helped his clients achieve the #1 position on Google in several different industries.

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The digital age demands every business get online. A person from one of part can interact and buy something from the other corner of the world. Such is the power of the internet. Setting up a website is not everything. You have to spend some time to make sure that your website is visible to all. It may sound hard, but it can be quickly gained through paid advertisements. Paid advertisements ensure that you are always in the top of the list, whatever may be the condition, and you will still rank higher in the search results.

The entire infrastructure of the company depends on the proprietary algorithm of the search engine giant. The company ensures that every quality content remains on the top of the search result. On the other hand, if your content is well according to the guidelines, you can expect that the search giant itself will reward your content. In Google Ads, the entire thing comes to Google Ads quality score. There are a few tips that will help you achieve the correct score and help you boost the results. Here are some of them.

  1. Group down the keywords in small groups

A lot of times, the keywords are not categorized well enough. Try to include as many groups as possible. Now, this will ensure that you are well aware of your campaign and will help you to get the expected result as per your requirements.

  1. Optimize the keyword accordingly

The keywords are everything while selecting your Google ad campaign. Choose keywords that are closely related to the campaign. Try to tailor your keywords according to your requirement. It will help you in getting a high-quality score for your campaign. Make sure that you get the keywords into the ad copy to improve your Google Ad quality score.

  1. Take care of landing page

Your landing page is the first thing that your potential customers will visit. Make sure that it is designed well according to all the norms. The next thing that one needs to take care of is that the website should use all the keywords accordingly. It is not possible to use all the keywords. Hence you should consider making sure at least a majority of keywords are used and not stuffed with keywords.

The list can go on. But at the end of the day, it is the results that matter a lot. The world of websites has many rules, and if followed correctly, then it can be used to boost your results organically. The provisions remain the same for all, yet many companies fail to survive or at least spend their marketing budget in the worst way possible. But once you have the right company in place, the rest of the journey is more comfortable to navigate. People all around the world can find your content engaging and will be willing to convert themselves into paid customers. The rules keep on changing. Hence, one has to keep learning to optimize as per the needs.

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