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We have all faced this problem as an advertiser on Facebook and other online marketing platforms. We try our best to create a high-quality ad and yet we lose money on clicks that brought us no conversions whatsoever.

We keep testing different ad creatives, change the demographics, get very specific with our audience, and use creative videos in the hope that it will work someday. However, eventually, we get frustrated and many of us even leave these advertising platforms.

While others look for help from an expert who has professional experience in the FaceBook advertising platform and can generate a profitable ad campaign for us. Australian Internet Advertising is the right place to look for online advertising experts who have both the technical knowledge and in-depth experience in the field and have created successful ad campaigns again and again for many of their clients.

Tips that can help you in getting successful with social media marketing

  1. Make a compelling offer:
  • Even if your ad copy is not very strong, if you have a compelling offer to make, it will do the job 99% of the time.
  • Ensure that your offers are provoking the right emotions in the audience.
  • Don’t sell directly instead, sweeten your offer so that it appears like a favor and not direct selling.
  • Outsmart your competitors by offering something better than them.
  1. Track the sale record of your ads on performance parameters and do not focus on other metrics:
  • We know how excited we get when we get the first few clicks on our ad and when people start engaging on our content.
  • However, in the end, sales matter.
  • Always track your sales because it is sales that will eventually make your ad a high-performing one, otherwise, you are losing money even if you are getting a thousand clicks every day.
  1. Test and optimize:
  • This is done by making different categories in your ad campaigns.
  • Change the demographics for some, and change ad copy and designs for others.
  • Optimize your landing page to flow with the concept of your ad copy.
  • Test with different ad formats and various ad placements.
  • Running small tests by twisting and tweaking some parameters can help you in finding the one ad copy that finally clicks and brings you your first profitable sale.
  1. Get some perspective and focus on long-term planning:
  • Sit back, scroll down your newsfeed. Look for the ads that you are compelled to click and learn from those ads.
  • In some scenarios, you can spend more on building customer relationship that will eventually become profitable in the long run.
  • Build your ad campaigns by strategizing for the future and not for short-term sales.
  • We know it is difficult to track performance when we are working on long-term goals; therefore, it is prudent that we divide it into smaller goals that are more achievable and then build from them.

Strategies that can help you write the best Facebook ad content

Building a strong foundation for any ad campaign is very important and a strong foundation happens when you can write high-quality, valuable content for your ad. Here are some tips that can help you in improving your ad content quality:

  1. First, select your target audience, and then write for them
  2. Make different ad campaigns for different segments of customers. We often make the ad copy first and select our customers later. Doing the opposite will help you in changing the story.
  3. Your ad copy and the attached visuals should be able to reinforce the same message
  4. Don’t overboard your ad copy with multiple call-to-action buttons but having one clear button will help the audience in browsing through your ad easily.
  5. Link the call-to-action button with a perfectly designed landing page that reinforces the message of your ad.
  6. Simple, short, but valuable is the right way to do it
  7. Use direct and easily understandable language
  8. Use numbers in your ad. Use them upfront in your ad copy. If you have a discount to offer, write the exact percentage.

Keep testing your ad copies, use different images with your ad copy, and look for yourself which one resonates with the audience more before you spend your final budget on running the campaign itself. Keep experimenting with different ingredients and you will achieve your final goal, sales.

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Search Engine Optimization is the process by which the Google algorithm is utilized to work in favour of a certain website’s online content, that is optimized and displayed as the top result There are various SEO tactics that people need to master if they want to optimize their content. SEO marketing is the best method to increase traffic on your page or online content.

Here are five SEO tactics that have grown popular in 2021 and are helping online content to grow incredibly:

Apply Keywords At Correct Areas

It is important to put focus on applying the keywords at the correct places in order to increase traffic. The content should not be stuffed with keywords in order to increase optimization, the keywords should fit appropriately and maintain the flow of the content.

Write Content For Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are the highlighted areas that we come across at the top of the page while searching about a certain topic. It is crucial to frame the content properly and answer the question in an appropriate manner in order to catch the reader’s attention. Framing the content properly with the help of graphs and points is important.

Stay Updated On Google Algorithm

Google keeps changing its algorithm and it is important to stay updated about it if you want your online content to grow. Framing the content accordingly will help the page get more reach and access to a larger audience.

Focus On “People Also Ask”

People Also Ask is another SEO tactic that the pages need to put focus on. Writing and framing proper detailed content for the queries is crucial. People usually scroll through the questions to know more about a certain topic online. Therefore writing content for these questions can also help the page grow.

Create Content That Is Human Centric

It is important to frame content that has a more human centric approach in order to reach a larger audience. Writing content that is more SEO based is important but it is also crucial to consider that Google changes its algorithm often. Therefore putting less focus on the keywords and more on the quality of the content is an important SEO tactic.

These are a few SEO tactics that move the needle in 2021 and can help businesses create content that can get more reach. If the people follow these steps while framing an article they will be able to connect to a larger audience.




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There is a lot we can be doing to help our performance and visibility in the search results, but it’s not ALL about keywords and content. There is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes on to help the performance of the site, and many technical SEO factors that come to play, for example, Google’s core web vitals, spam score and site structure. In this quick fire post, we are going to take a look at some of these factors!

These technical factors, often known as off page factors are important as Google works by crawling your website and then indexing your information in order to feature your website. That’s why most agencies are made up of specialists, with SEO being a joint effort between marketing and development teams.

#1 Site speed

Have you ever been on a website that took ages to load? How did that make you feel? I’m sure we can agree that it is frustrating – and that is exactly what Google thinks too. Page speed is definitely a measure considered by Google. If your pages take too long to load, you are more than likely going to experience a drop in traffic, sales and higher bounce rates. You can use free sites like Google’s PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix to look at how long your content takes to load, and what exactly you need to do to improve it. The user journey, from the content loading to interacting with the site part of Google web core vitals, more important than ever for rankings!

#2 Mobile usability

Mobile first indexing was recently introduced as a way of search engines evaluating the mobile version of your website when crawling. This means all your pages need to be well optimised for mobile users, not just desktop. This includes the time it takes to load, the time in which users can interact with your website, as well as the stability of the elements on the page as it loads!

#3 Internal links

Google will crawl your website and while doing so, will follow the internal links on your page. Internal links are important not only for crawling and ensuring pages are easily found and properly indexed, but also to show Google that you have a structure in place. This structure shows the hierarchy of important pages. It also helps users navigate around the site in a way that is relevant to their journey. Win win!

#4 Meta

Meta titles and descriptions are SO important and often overlooked. The meta title is the title showing on the snippet in Google. You have a certain word limit that is not often utilised. Here, you have the chance to input your keywords to help increase visibility. Is your page labelled in a way that your target audience is searching? The same goes for the meta description, the html code that does not appear on the page itself, only in the search results. You have a short space, so use it well. Include keywords and a call to action. This space provides you with the opportunity to give more information about the page and why users should click on your page, over others, therefore, increasing click through rates.

#5 Alt tags

Alt tags or alt text is a short description you can add to your images on your page. Simply head to the image, click edit and you should see the option to add you alt text. This not only helps visually impaired readers to access more on the web, but it also helps search engines understand what your image is, adding to the relevance of the page, and increasing the chances of your images coming up in the search results.

Have you implemented these factors yet? Please note, this list is not exhaustive! There are many other factors that come to play on the technical side of things, but these 5 are a great starting point!

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We’re living in a tech world that is almost entirely digital. The year 2020 was one of the strangest ones in the history of mankind. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, everything shut down at one point, and people turned to the internet. Billions of people were active online.

That goes for both businesses and consumers. Everything that used to happen on the streets turned digital. With this in mind, companies realized that they’ve been underestimating the role of the search engines and how much this can help their businesses.

Search engines can help get more visitors. However, to do this, companies need to optimize their pages and make people see their businesses on the search engines. That’s called SEO, or search engine optimization. See more about what it is on the link.

Lots of companies around the world work on this marketing technique, but not all of them know how to do it perfectly. In this article, we’re going to show you how to find the best one out there and make the best of this firm for your business. Follow up and see everything about it.

1. Ask about their experience

The SEO game isn’t around for ages. It’s been 10-15 years since the SEO began, but every company planning to do a perfect job for you should know the basics and beginnings. Some things haven’t changed since forever, but others are completely different since then.

Knowing both ways is a must. That’s why you should always look for those guys that have been through a lot and will know what might and what might not work for your business. Choosing experience should be a top priority.

2. Don’t let them fool you with numbers

Whenever you try to hire someone that will start convincing you about results in the next three or four months, you should stop the meeting and go separate ways. No one can tell precisely how long and how successful a campaign can be.

Search engines are extremely unpredictable and you should be choosing those who will explain the process and the methodology of work. They should promise results, as no one can promise and deliver in this field of marketing. Instead, you should find someone that will explain in detail what they are going to do, and hope for the best.

3. Check their portfolio

All SEO agencies will have their website. On it, they’ll probably explain what they are working on, and what they’ve done in the past. This is a nice way to find out who they worked for and check out how well they did.

It’s super easy to find out if a company managed to deliver in the past. When you’re looking at some of the best SEO companies in Ireland, you’ll surely find out that they’ve been working for brands that you know of. Check out how these brand rank on Google.

They need to rank high. If they don’t that means this particular agency you’re looking at isn’t doing a great job. If you see the company ranking high for multiple search queries and keywords, that means they’ve been perfectly SEO covered. Those are the guys you need.

4. Find out about their reputation

Reputation is also a crucial part of finding out who you need to hire. Going through the websites providing reviews about business is a great way to do it. Clients that used to work for these agencies are going to share their opinion and help you come up with your own.

See who ranks perfectly. See who has a 5.0 review score on these pages. Even Google has its own reputation and review system, so you need to check it out too. If these guys are ranking low and left their clients unsatisfied in the past, that means you should be choosing someone else.

If most clients of theirs in the past were happy with what they’ve got, then you should know that hiring them will be a smart move. It’s all about delivering a good job, and you want those who do.

5. Don’t let them overcharge you

Lots of SEO companies are overcharging their clients taking advantage of the fact that they have no clue of how the SEO world works. Don’t let them rip you off because of it. Compare more companies and find out who offers a fair price.

The entire optimization process is complex and it takes a lot of investment, but that should cost you tens of thousands over a few months. Great results do take a year or so, but you shouldn’t spend a hundred grand while chasing results.

Instead, you should find someone that will explain perfectly where your money will go. Of course, their knowledge and efforts should be paid, but spending on backlinks shouldn’t draw thousands from you and end up with nothing delivered.


These are the five most valuable issues you need to have in mind when looking for the best SEO agency in Ireland. Get the knowledge of what a great agency is, and with it start your research.

Make sure they are experienced, and they’ve been doing some great work in the past. Check out their reputation, and choose one that will be perfect. Ask around about prices too, and be patient for getting perfect results. That’s the only way to be sure that you’re getting great search engine optimization.

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You don’t always need an SEO Agency to make improvements in your SEO. Don’t get us wrong, hiring an SEO agency can be useful if you’re in a really competitive industry or if you’re pursuing ranks some very competitive keywords but if you’re a small to medium business looking to try out SEO there are a few things you can do yourself to test the water and decide if your brand has a business case to use an SEO agency and pursue even more competitive ranks.

In the first instance we recommend trying out SEO for your site using a long tail keyword. A long tail keyword is a longer search phrase so it could be something like “Email encryption with public key authentication” compared to the short tail “Email encryption”. As a general rule long tail keywords will be less competitive and have a lower search volume, but they can provide a greater level in qualification and help you stand out to customers who are looking for your exact USPs that set you aside from your competitors.

Where do I start

Most websites need some technical SEO work but provided your website is functioning okay you can make a start in SEO with writing content for SEO instead of technical SEO.

Tips for writing content for SEO

Include your target keywords as headers

You should include your target keywords in your main page headers (known as H1s). If you want to you can even create a dedicated page for that keyword, that’s called a landing page. This is quite easy because your long tail keywords tend to relate to your brand’s USPs so there is usually plenty to write about to create dedicated landing pages that focus on those USPs.

Include keywords in your copy

Don’t overdo it because that’s known as keyword stuffing and you can be penalised by search engines for it but in a natural way you should include your keywords in your main copy.

Include semantically related words

Semantically related words are taken into account when search engines decide which website to rank at which position so it’s a good idea to include semantically related words in your content. If you’re selling sports cars, you’d expect to see words such as fast, high-performance, durable and designed.

Create internal links

Search engines crawlers move around websites using links so if you create links from one page on your site to another, you’re helping them get around your site easier, and that’s a god thing for your SEO. Like anything in SEO over doing it or doing unnaturally risks getting you penalised by search engines but in your content, there will be natural opportunities to link things to related pages on your website.

Write a meta description

Most websites allow CMS users to easily add a meta description and it’s really important. This is what search engine users see in the web rankings and it’s what they read to decide if they click on your site or someone else’s. It’s the elevator pitch and it won’t help much with ranking your content, but it will help you get clicks. After all, what’s the point in ranking if no one clicks on your ranking page?

Seek out backlinks for your new content

A part of what an SEO agency does is build up a website and page’s authority by earning backlinks and social media links and that authority helps the site and page in question rank. There’s a whole science that goes into deciding if a link is good or bad for a site or page and SEO agencies use various tools to analyse a site and metrics like trust and authority (among many others) to decide if it will be beneficial to a site ranking. A bad link is a toxic link, but websites have to be bad to get toxic. You probably have some contacts with websites that work well, serve their brand, and are relevant to your brand. You could ask them if they can provide a link to your new page in a relevant place on their site. If you know the site owner and know the site works well, you can probably trust it’s not toxic and won’t be bad for your site.

Seek out social media links for your new content

Social media links are also beneficial, you can stimulate this yourself by posting your new content from your brand social media accounts, but it will be even more powerful if other users link to your content (by sharing or posting to it directly) so when you’re designing your new content think not just about SEO but its potential to get a backlink and to generate social links.

Include media such as images, videos, charts and graphics

Search engines, like web users, like content to be served in engaging and interactive ways. When search engines decide which websites and pages to rank for a keyword, they take into account media and the UX of the page so it’s a good idea to include images, videos, charts and graphics as well as ensure you page, and site has a good UX. Consider how you like to view content on websites or how it compared to your favourite news website.

Make sure your content is the most detailed and informative

Search engines prefer the most detailed and informative content, this means that often longer is better but only if it’s long because it contains valuable information. When you’re researching the other websites that currently rank for your target keyword read their content, check their word count, consider the things they have covered and the detail they have gone into. Then try and go into more detail.

Content is just a part of SEO, one of the best resources for understanding the different elements of SEO is the SEO periodic table produced by Search Engine Land. If you want to see where content fits into SEO, we highly recommend seeking it out.

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Social media marketing is not a walk in the park. Many entrepreneurs can attest to this. However, it is possible to exploit social media platforms to build a customer base for your product.

The key lies in creating an effective plan. A schedule is good for a variety of reasons such as:

  • For consistency in posting content
  • To avoid missing out on trends
  • To avoid rushed and ill-planned posts

Creating Catchy Content

The main reason you want to create content is to raise awareness for your brand. Therefore, your content must catch your audience’s attention. However, posting captivating content is not enough.

To catch and keep your audience’s attention, you need to post content regularly. The idea is to keep your brand’s name in your audience’s minds. When they need a product such as yours, they will remember your brand and buy that.

It is therefore important to engage your audience constantly with regular and quality content. This includes glossy images, videos as well as your brand’s logo. You can check cheap logo design services for tastefully created logos that fit your brand.

How to Draft a Practical Content Schedule

You want to stand out on your socials and attract the right audience for your business. To do this, you need to set goals then create content that will line up with them.

To set specific goals, you should consider factors such as the following:

  • Your target audience
  • Your brand values

A few questions to help you along include the following:

  • What are your marketing goals?
  • How will your marketing strategy help you to achieve your goals?

Setting general goals may not be the best option. Aim for specific measurable goals.

Drawing up a Plan for Your Social Media Content

1.      Posting Frequency

How often do you post your content? Businesses that take too long between posts are not very successful in social media marketing. It is important to keep the name of your brand in your clients’ minds.

You can make as many posts as you like. If you look at several business posts on social media platforms, you will notice that many appear repeatedly. These are the ones people talk about often.

2.      Create a Calendar for Your Content

A calendar helps you to be disciplined as you work with a schedule. First off, find out which content performs best. Then, create a schedule for posting that content. Also, there are calendar templates you can find online to help you with your schedule.

Your content calendar also allows you to work with different departments in your firm. Every department should chip in to have an all-inclusive plan.

3.      Plan Your Business Events in Good Time

If you plan to host a gala or run a promotion, you need to plan. Rushing leads to poor planning and even poorer execution. Planning gives you ample time to develop your content and create strategies for your event.

Additional events you need to plan for include the following:

  • Conferences
  • Holidays
  • New product launches
  • Cultural events such as award shows and festivals

4.      Promote Your Business Content

Content can be divided into several categories:

  • Written content
  • Images
  • Videos

All content should be of high quality to build your company’s or brand’s reputation. Once you have your content ready, distribute it to as many potential customers as you can. Promoting your posts via paid ads is a tried and tested way to get content to the relevant audience.

Posts links and include share buttons on your blogs. Then your followers can share with their followers and your content is likely to cross the virtual borders. Acknowledge the people who share your content by reposting or tagging them.

Interact with your followers on the posts too. Answer any questions and handle criticism with grace. All feedback is good as it helps you to improve your product. Having a strong customer support department is essential for handling your customers’ issues.

5.      Assess Your Results

How well has your social media marketing strategy worked? To find out, you need to track your progress. Keep comprehensive metrics that you can use to edit your plan in the future. Examine your content and note how each performed.

Determine how much awareness your content created and how many people it reached. How many of those reached converted into customers? Did sales improve with your social media marketing strategy? Answers to these questions will direct your next strategy.


Social media marketing is not a one-time thing. If the results are not impressive the first time, you don’t throw in the towel. The results help you to strategize again and come back stronger.

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Does your rival dental services provider crush you on a digital platform? Are you juggling to grab the patients’ attention even after providing excellent features? This is the right time to introduce some SEO experts who help dentist SEO to achieve the top rank on search engines and grab more revenues.

Today, like other service providers, the dentist also requires orthodontist SEO services to build an astounding reputation and presence on the search engine. Dentist digital marketing has become paramount today for a dental service provider.

This article will explain to you about dental search engine optimization services and how you can achieve them. So, let’s read about them.

What is Dental Search Engine Optimization?

Orthodontist SEO or dental search engine optimization is about achieving top rank on the search engine. The process involves page optimization, content optimization, website downloading speed, and many more.

These days trust those service providers who secure the top place or at least have a strong presence on the front page of Google search engine. But as you know that the Google algorithm is continuously updating, so you need to keep yourself one step ahead to achieve the best rank on the search engine.

Gone are those days when SEO only meant stuffing of the keywords and providing the metatags only. Google search measures the overall performance of a website, including the number of visitors. All the search engine metrics help in ranking the site on the top of the search engine page.

If you wish to achieve the top rank on search engines and optimize your site, you need to follow these tips.

Begin with the Keywords

To catch the attention of the local patients, keywords play a crucial role. The orthodontic SEO provider will help in stuffing keywords organically in the content. This is not only helpful in optimizing the content but also helpful in optimizing your site for catching the local audience. Moreover, Google will also pick up those sites on the top rank that have a better presence.


Backlinks also play a crucial role in optimizing your site. It helps divert the traffic from another source on your platform. Backlinks help rank your site on top of search engines.

But make sure that the link you use isn’t dead. To start backlinking, you need to share some quality content on your dentist’s website. You can also add some journals and ask for the email links at the end of the article.

Optimize the Page Downloading Speed

Optimizing speed is the foremost goal when you are optimizing your site. For this, you need to meet with the technical SEO. This will help in improving the speed of the downloading of the page.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is crucial for achieving search engine optimization. This is because the on-page optimization will help in optimizing the overall site and improve the functioning. If your dental website is fully optimized and has engaging content, visitors will likely stay on the site for a longer duration. This, in turn, helps to catch more organic traffic that can be your potential patients indeed.


Putting fresh content on the sites is also a part of optimization. Make sure to share information through blog posts, guest blogs on your site. Moreover, you can optimize your blogs with specific keywords to pull the reader’s attention quickly.

Besides that, this will help keep your audience engaged on your site. It will be further helpful in improving the site’s presence on the search engine. The more you share, the more audience you will gain on the site.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are the most crucial metrics, according to Google. It will help to calculate the rank on the search engine optimization page. Stuffing the primary keywords in the meta tags will help in optimizing your content and website. This will further help you to achieve the top rank on the search engine.

In meta tags, one can use the dentist services + City name + Dentist clinic specialty. The excellent meta tag will help calculate the overall rank on the search engine, which also helps in showing what services you are serving.


Search engine optimization is the prime need of a dental website to achieve top rank on the search engine. So, by following these tips, the dental service provider will achieve the top rank on the search engine and achieve more revenues.

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Link Building

Link Building is one of the off-page SEO strategies which brings many visitors to your website. Link Building helps to increase the ranking of your the webpages. There are many Link Building strategies that are adopted to increase web rankings and bring webpages to the top of search engines. In this article, some of the important Link Building strategies are discussed.

Use of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the ideal strategies in Link Building. If you can write and offer quality content on specific or a lot of subjects, you can request other website or blog owners to publish your unique and valuable content in exchange for a backlink of your website URL from their website or blog. This is normally done by emailing the website/blog owners or authors or editors or administrators. The external website/blog owners will often be pleased and willing to publish your article in their website/blog or any content platform because your resourceful and insightful content as an article will bring new visitors to their website or blog and also help to retain existing users of the website and thereby increase their website ranking in search engines.

Guest Blogging can be done in multiple ways. You can write about a product or service and share your reviews or experience on them with natural backlinks to your webpage.

Another way of Guest Blogging is to write on the industry you are in with the new and upcoming updates therein. You can give advice and suggestions on how to adopt, adapt and succeed in the changing environment as a result of updates.

Guest Blogging increases the brand value and reputation of your webpages by gaining backlinks from even unexpected areas and segments.

The better your content, the higher your results through webpage visits by backlinks.

Inclusion of Infographics

Infographics are the picturized format of data that helps in easy visualization. The links added within the infographics will drive the viewers to visit your website. The subject discussed and the data you have provided on the infographic are the key that hold their curiosity and trigger them to click the links provided to seek more information from your website or webpages. The simple concept of using Infographics for Link Building through visually pleasing designs and layouts earn you visitors and higher Page Ranking.

In infographics, the perfect and optimal use of information, pictures, story, words, timeline and geographical data help for higher number of conversions. This Link Building strategy through the use of Infographics works best with the use of valid statistical information, flow diagram and process discussed which make the Infographic more informative and trustworthy, and thus helping it to rank top in SERP.

Social Media Engagement

Social Media is the best place where your backlinks work well. People who are unaware of your brand and website get acquainted with them. Your social profile and the quality of your posts enhance their perception and engagement with your brand and website through the backlinks provided. Use of perfect Anchor Texts will engage more users.

Nowadays an increasing number of people are now using social media to find business content to update themselves, enhance their understanding and to engage with brands. Building your follower base in social media and promoting your website backlinks in them will attract more visitors to your website or webpages through your posts and social profile. On Facebook, there are thousands and thousands of business pages engaging with the users daily. So, your Facebook Business Page is one place where your backlinks work well. The comments section of your Facebook account is one another nice place to post your backlinks.

For example, if you own a mobile accessories website, you can have your post pinned to the top in your timeline with your backlink in the post to generate good number of clicks. With the right mentions of keyword phrases about your products and various brands such as Apple, mi, etc., it will increase backlink engagement.

Post your website address in as many possible and effective ways on your social media pages. That increases the possibility of clicks to your backlinks whenever people visit and spend time on your pages, and read and engage with your profile and content there. For example, the top selling mobile brands have strong presence in all of social media. So, it is effortless to generate backlinks to your website whether you are in mobiles or anything for that matter quickly and effectively

Social media is one of the major communication platforms of the present information era. So, whatever your business or website is about, it is more a compulsion that it is integrated with social media. The backlinks that you are posting on social media really help to earn potential clicks and customers to your website or business.

Use of Multiple Tools & Options for Link Building

Link Building in a way is a process of trust building activity for your business. Each business needs visibility. If it is for online promotion, your website is a great way to get visibility. In order to gain visibility, the process of Link Building is a key. To unlock Link Building opportunities and to do it the perfect way, you need tools. A good Link Building service provider uses tools such as Ahref, Grammarly, WordPress, etc., effectively to perform multiple activities in their Link Building process. So, if you promote your Backlinks with the aid of best known tools, it will ease your processes and help to fulfill your objectives.

You may consider creating exotic landing pages and attract users to your website through backlinks. All that is needed are quality content, Anchor Text and Backlinking pages. For example, if you are selling Bluetooth earphones, you should have a detailed description of each product, brand and product features and Bluetooth models. So, good content clicks.

Broken Link Strategy

A broken link strategy is a simple replacement activity of the dead links with live links. If you have created a link elsewhere but have no webpage linked to the URL, it is a dead link or dead URL. Finding the broken links and getting replaced with the new live links or creating webpages or redirecting to relevant webpages that have active content is Broken Link Fixing Strategy and this will help your webpages get more users and traffic while at the same time increase your website’s overall SEO scores.

Develop your own brand

Your brand will tell who you are. So you have to build your brand identity through your own blogs. Placing backlinks of your website in your own blog has so much relativity and relevance and increases your website SEO prospects. To get traction from your blog, you should have good and sufficient information in the blog. Content continuation in your blog is vital to backlink. Disconnected content confuses the search engines about the purpose of your blog and adversely affects Page Authority of both your Blog and your Backlinked Webpages. Every blog post should be interlinked with context, keywords and scope for achieving great backlinking results.

Check competitor’s backlinks

One of the recent surveys reports that more than 40% of the search results rank the sites only due to the backlinks they are using. Here an important note is to keep an eye on your competitor’s backlinks. SEO Experts aver say that “links should be earned, not built.” One of the best ways to find the best backlinks for your page is to spy on your competitors on how they are getting the backlinks and build your own.

Your competitor may earn their links from various places. The task that is in front of you now is how you are going to replicate your competitor’s backlinks uniquely.  It is more important to choose the links that they shouldn’t raise a red flag. Replicating links is no longer a difficult one because the job was already done for you. Always keep in mind the best links of the competitors are always available for you to use for creating your backlinks but in an effective way. If you use the manual method of backlinking, that will raise spamming, copying or duplication issues.

Tracking of Backlinks

Most website owners create numerous backlinks but to monitor those backlinks once they create them. In course of time, some links get removed or break due to multiple reasons. You have to periodically monitor the live status of the backlinks and get the benefits of the whole purpose of creating those backlinks with a longtime perspective.


Link Building plays a significant role in getting your website ranked better and top in search engines. Google doesn’t consider how many pages you create for websites, but it will take into account how many quality backlinks your website has. Active backlinked webpages will keep increasing your website’s Domain Authority. So try the best strategies discussed here and implement successful Link Building and boost your website SEO.

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After the pandemic year 2020, many things have changed.

The way people perceive social media now is also altered. Then, how can we use the same marketing strategies which we were following in past years? Agree?

Not to forget, we all need to evolve with time to move forward and grow better.

As a marketer and a customer, I am always astounded by tailor-made content and promotions that come up on my social media feed. But at the same time, I keep unfollowing brands that are still doing what they were doing earlier, i.e., ‘Nothing New.’

That means the majority of people nowadays are watching out for something interesting rather than something that is seen.

And, this is only possible if we twist our marketing strategies a bit.

Now which Marketing Strategies can harm in 2021 is a real question.

Not to worry. Today, I am sharing 4 familiar Social Media Marketing Strategies many people use, NOT to be followed in 2021 or in the coming years to stand out in front of the intended audience.

Take a look!

Social Media Marketing Strategies Not to Be Followed

  1. Trying Out Every Platform Possible

Do you think being active on every single social media platform is profitable? Absolutely not. It totally depends on your brand’s industry, your marketing goals, and your target audience are the key factors to consider in determining which social media platform you must be active in.

For instance, LinkedIn is most likely to give you positive results if you’re a B2B company. Because LinkedIn is more focused on building professional relationships in place of Pinterest or more platforms.

That means it is a complete waste to put effort into ruling every social media platform. In this case, less is more. Figure out which social media platform is right for your brand to reach your target audience and work towards creating an impact here.

  1. Not Following Any Content Theme

You might be thinking about how following a theme is going to help?

Let’s understand it in this way.

Whenever we read a post or look at a picture, we know that this comes to Facebook, or this post is from Google. Exactly this is what a content theme does to your viewers.

For every brand, a content theme is a must as it becomes the base for your brand and represents your brand value among the followers.

Moreover, bringing consistency to your content, the content theme assures that you are the maker of your content. Also, it reflects that your content ideas are authentic and are brand-oriented.

Make sure you find an attractive yet classy content theme for your brand. As a result, your extraordinary content will help you boost followers and increase post or website engagement. Most importantly, while you decide your content theme, you must focus on more audience-specific and user-generated content.

  1. Never Analyzing Social Media Metrics

Most brands fail to monitor their social media marketing expenditure metrics that leads to defeat for their business.

Of course, without analyzing the results, how will you judge whether you are going right or not.

Like you need to check the reach of your posts as it will define the number of unique visitors that came across your posts. Also, you need to look for the post with the highest number of unique visitors and then proceed respectively, so that every post gets more new visitors.

Similarly, if you look for the click on your posts, the number of clicks will define visitors’ reading through your content. The more your posts get clicked, the more it will help your brand.

That means analyzing your every action will help you move ahead and that too in the right direction.

If you are not sure how to do this, not an issue. You can reach any seasoned social media marketing agency for your help.

  1. Posting without Setting your goals

It’s very simple. Without establishing goals, how will you strategize? Or I should say how without knowing why you are doing this, how will you plan well?

So, evaluating your goals should be your first point of call. Make sure every strategy goal must be SMART and lined up with your overall social media marketing objectives.

Reach Professional Social Media Marketing Agency…

I hope these points will help you get what you are looking for.

But, there are high chances that you don’t have enough time to focus on what to do or what not to do while deciding strategies to follow.

If this is the case, you can, without feeling overwhelmed, directly reach an agency ready to grab your desired outcomes. Being in the industry, they already know what strategies are outdated and what must follow in the coming years.

Just make sure the agency you are choosing is experienced and skilled enough to help you achieve your objectives.

All the best!

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We are already into an era where Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality technologies are being used. Technology has boomed to such a high-level that we can easily follow the road to a destination where we have to go just with a mobile and the internet. So, in this highly technological world, you can’t leave your business behind. It means you need to need have an online presence to be accessible to all at any time and from anywhere.

There are millions of websites being developed every day. Thanks to the vast availability of web designers and developers that take the efforts to build an engaging platform for your business. Web developers as well as designers play a key role in building your website. There are plenty of things to work on ad a developer and designer. Lots of coding and programming, client changes, technical errors and so on need to be managed by you as a web developer or a designer. Though a headache you do your job ambitiously to achieve something great. This is what helps you to get more and more clients. It increases trust among your clients.

When you develop the websites for your clients, their further step is to host it and for this they start searching for a good web host. Many times, they even might ask you to recommend a competent web host. Of course you should help them, but what’s your benefit in that. Would you be getting paid from the web host from recommending it? No, right?

What if you start offering web hosting services such as cheap wordpress hosting, and shared hosting along with website designing and development? Your clients will get a one-stop shop for their complete website management as well as you will earn extra by expanding your services. Your agency will act as an independent web hosting brand.

Let’s now take a look at the reasons to offer web hosting service as a web developer.

Reasons for Web Developers and Designers to Offer Web Hosting Service

Smart Investment

For selling web hosting services to your clients, you need to buy reseller hosting. Investment in reseller hosting is a smart investment as you get various benefits such as white label reseller hosting, cPanel control panel, free WHMCS, free website migration, free SSL certificate, customized branding, unlimited email accounts and so on.

Continuous Source of Income

As a web designer, you will find several ways to earn extra but you will need a good amount of financial investment and efforts too. However, with reseller hosting you offer an additional service to your clients for which you don’t need to take much efforts. With cPanel, you can easily manage your clients’ accounts. Also, you will need to act as a mediator between your clients and the web host when they face any query but for the rest of time you will surely earn monthly as you will be offering a complete web solution.

In technical terms, you will be the web host for your clients. Suppose your clients face any issues, you will receive their emails. You can either fix the issues on your own or contact your web host to get them resolved.

Business appears to be Unique and Appealing

There’s a lot of competition in the web development and designing market. When you think from the client’s perspective, you will find that they are looking for a complete web solution so that they don’t need to look for every service elsewhere. By delivering cheapest shared hosting, you reduce their efforts and also, save time for searching another vendor for hosting their website.

So, instead of making a promise that your website will be designed as you want, you can promise that it will be designed and hosted as per your preference. This will help you gain referrals too. If you manage your clients’ web hosting properly, they will surely recommend your name to others.

Expand Your Services

You will get a chance to expand your services and it will be an addition to your portfolio too. This will impact your business growth. You will be adding another skill set to your work portfolio which will make you appear highly qualified.

Create Your Hosting Brand

You will be able to sell the web hosting services with your own brand name. It means you will stand among the list of web hosting providers too when anyone searches for web hosting. The white label reseller hosting will allow selling web hosting services using your brand name. Your web host’s name won’t be visible anywhere to your clients.

The Bottom Line

As a web developer or a designer, you can easily start offering web hosting services to your clients. This will enable you to earn extra as well as your clients will get a complete web solution to design, host and manage their website. You will stand as a new hosting brand for them.


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