Month: February 2021

After the pandemic year 2020, many things have changed.

The way people perceive social media now is also altered. Then, how can we use the same marketing strategies which we were following in past years? Agree?

Not to forget, we all need to evolve with time to move forward and grow better.

As a marketer and a customer, I am always astounded by tailor-made content and promotions that come up on my social media feed. But at the same time, I keep unfollowing brands that are still doing what they were doing earlier, i.e., ‘Nothing New.’

That means the majority of people nowadays are watching out for something interesting rather than something that is seen.

And, this is only possible if we twist our marketing strategies a bit.

Now which Marketing Strategies can harm in 2021 is a real question.

Not to worry. Today, I am sharing 4 familiar Social Media Marketing Strategies many people use, NOT to be followed in 2021 or in the coming years to stand out in front of the intended audience.

Take a look!

Social Media Marketing Strategies Not to Be Followed

  1. Trying Out Every Platform Possible

Do you think being active on every single social media platform is profitable? Absolutely not. It totally depends on your brand’s industry, your marketing goals, and your target audience are the key factors to consider in determining which social media platform you must be active in.

For instance, LinkedIn is most likely to give you positive results if you’re a B2B company. Because LinkedIn is more focused on building professional relationships in place of Pinterest or more platforms.

That means it is a complete waste to put effort into ruling every social media platform. In this case, less is more. Figure out which social media platform is right for your brand to reach your target audience and work towards creating an impact here.

  1. Not Following Any Content Theme

You might be thinking about how following a theme is going to help?

Let’s understand it in this way.

Whenever we read a post or look at a picture, we know that this comes to Facebook, or this post is from Google. Exactly this is what a content theme does to your viewers.

For every brand, a content theme is a must as it becomes the base for your brand and represents your brand value among the followers.

Moreover, bringing consistency to your content, the content theme assures that you are the maker of your content. Also, it reflects that your content ideas are authentic and are brand-oriented.

Make sure you find an attractive yet classy content theme for your brand. As a result, your extraordinary content will help you boost followers and increase post or website engagement. Most importantly, while you decide your content theme, you must focus on more audience-specific and user-generated content.

  1. Never Analyzing Social Media Metrics

Most brands fail to monitor their social media marketing expenditure metrics that leads to defeat for their business.

Of course, without analyzing the results, how will you judge whether you are going right or not.

Like you need to check the reach of your posts as it will define the number of unique visitors that came across your posts. Also, you need to look for the post with the highest number of unique visitors and then proceed respectively, so that every post gets more new visitors.

Similarly, if you look for the click on your posts, the number of clicks will define visitors’ reading through your content. The more your posts get clicked, the more it will help your brand.

That means analyzing your every action will help you move ahead and that too in the right direction.

If you are not sure how to do this, not an issue. You can reach any seasoned social media marketing agency for your help.

  1. Posting without Setting your goals

It’s very simple. Without establishing goals, how will you strategize? Or I should say how without knowing why you are doing this, how will you plan well?

So, evaluating your goals should be your first point of call. Make sure every strategy goal must be SMART and lined up with your overall social media marketing objectives.

Reach Professional Social Media Marketing Agency…

I hope these points will help you get what you are looking for.

But, there are high chances that you don’t have enough time to focus on what to do or what not to do while deciding strategies to follow.

If this is the case, you can, without feeling overwhelmed, directly reach an agency ready to grab your desired outcomes. Being in the industry, they already know what strategies are outdated and what must follow in the coming years.

Just make sure the agency you are choosing is experienced and skilled enough to help you achieve your objectives.

All the best!

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We are already into an era where Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality technologies are being used. Technology has boomed to such a high-level that we can easily follow the road to a destination where we have to go just with a mobile and the internet. So, in this highly technological world, you can’t leave your business behind. It means you need to need have an online presence to be accessible to all at any time and from anywhere.

There are millions of websites being developed every day. Thanks to the vast availability of web designers and developers that take the efforts to build an engaging platform for your business. Web developers as well as designers play a key role in building your website. There are plenty of things to work on ad a developer and designer. Lots of coding and programming, client changes, technical errors and so on need to be managed by you as a web developer or a designer. Though a headache you do your job ambitiously to achieve something great. This is what helps you to get more and more clients. It increases trust among your clients.

When you develop the websites for your clients, their further step is to host it and for this they start searching for a good web host. Many times, they even might ask you to recommend a competent web host. Of course you should help them, but what’s your benefit in that. Would you be getting paid from the web host from recommending it? No, right?

What if you start offering web hosting services such as cheap wordpress hosting, and shared hosting along with website designing and development? Your clients will get a one-stop shop for their complete website management as well as you will earn extra by expanding your services. Your agency will act as an independent web hosting brand.

Let’s now take a look at the reasons to offer web hosting service as a web developer.

Reasons for Web Developers and Designers to Offer Web Hosting Service

Smart Investment

For selling web hosting services to your clients, you need to buy reseller hosting. Investment in reseller hosting is a smart investment as you get various benefits such as white label reseller hosting, cPanel control panel, free WHMCS, free website migration, free SSL certificate, customized branding, unlimited email accounts and so on.

Continuous Source of Income

As a web designer, you will find several ways to earn extra but you will need a good amount of financial investment and efforts too. However, with reseller hosting you offer an additional service to your clients for which you don’t need to take much efforts. With cPanel, you can easily manage your clients’ accounts. Also, you will need to act as a mediator between your clients and the web host when they face any query but for the rest of time you will surely earn monthly as you will be offering a complete web solution.

In technical terms, you will be the web host for your clients. Suppose your clients face any issues, you will receive their emails. You can either fix the issues on your own or contact your web host to get them resolved.

Business appears to be Unique and Appealing

There’s a lot of competition in the web development and designing market. When you think from the client’s perspective, you will find that they are looking for a complete web solution so that they don’t need to look for every service elsewhere. By delivering cheapest shared hosting, you reduce their efforts and also, save time for searching another vendor for hosting their website.

So, instead of making a promise that your website will be designed as you want, you can promise that it will be designed and hosted as per your preference. This will help you gain referrals too. If you manage your clients’ web hosting properly, they will surely recommend your name to others.

Expand Your Services

You will get a chance to expand your services and it will be an addition to your portfolio too. This will impact your business growth. You will be adding another skill set to your work portfolio which will make you appear highly qualified.

Create Your Hosting Brand

You will be able to sell the web hosting services with your own brand name. It means you will stand among the list of web hosting providers too when anyone searches for web hosting. The white label reseller hosting will allow selling web hosting services using your brand name. Your web host’s name won’t be visible anywhere to your clients.

The Bottom Line

As a web developer or a designer, you can easily start offering web hosting services to your clients. This will enable you to earn extra as well as your clients will get a complete web solution to design, host and manage their website. You will stand as a new hosting brand for them.


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