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Nowadays, when someone is searching for the best attorney in their neighborhood, it is much more likely that they will search online than using Yellow Pages and other databases. That is the main reason why you should find ways to be more transparent so that people can find you.

Creating a robust online presence is much more than having an official website. The idea of website is to present your business, but it becomes obsolete without visitors that you can convert into clients.

You will be able to make that happen by implementing SEO for law firm websites, which includes combining various digital marketing strategies into a single one that will help you take your business to the next level.

1.Create a Personal Brand

According to statistics, 90% of law firms have noticed that most people that will visit their website will check the biography of employees to see who the responsible party is.

This happens because potential clients are looking to hire a lawyer that will help them and not a firm in general. Therefore, they wish to see who can help them from people that are operating for the firm, before they pick up the phone number to visit your office.

It means that every single lawyer from your firm needs to take proper steps to promote their brand both online and offline so that people who are visiting can see more than a small photo and short description in bio section of website.

Since bio pages are where visitors will first enter, you have to make sure to provide them with engaging and informative description. Every single biography has to include this information:

  • A professional image
  • Past work experience, credentials, and licenses
  • Relevant keywords that will help you improve search engine rankings
  • Links to social media channels and publications
  • Call to action that will help visitor determine whether he should choose you or not.

It is vital for your lawyers to create LinkedIn profiles because this particular social media platform is business-oriented and it is efficient way to connect with other professionals within your niche.

2.Create a Relevant Content

The way of getting potential clients to enter your website is by providing them informative and entertaining content that they will find relevant and valuable.

Have in mind that this may help you reach people that are searching for lawyers, and the ones that want to learn more about specific legal questions that they have.

By sharing informative content that will answer their questions, you are going to establish your company as professional experts within the area you operate.

You can easily use tools that will help you publish content based on schedule so that you can avoid losing plenty of time by manual uploads.

This is an excellent solution because you will be able to plan everything and select topics that may be interesting in particular situations and times of the year.

Learn everything about content marketing by reading an article from this blog:

3.Social Media Platforms

Apart from encouraging your lawyers to open social media profiles on LinkedIn, it is vital to create a firm’s page on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ among others.

Remember that social media channels will give you the ability to connect with each client personally and to communicate with them so that you can learn how to improve your business in the future.

It is also a great way to share your content so that you can reach more people than before.

  • LinkedIn – You should create a company page, add an attractive logo and banner and fill out the profile thoroughly. Your lawyers should start following the page, and update it as much as you can with articles from your website as well as other news, which are relevant to your industry.
  • Twitter – You can create an account so that you can follow current clients as well as professional influencers and other lawyers. Twitter is the perfect social media network in which you can learn about your competitors in real-time.
  • Facebook – This particular social media platform will provide you an ability to create a business page for your company and send emails to your friends and business contacts to like it. It is the perfect place where you can share the content from your website and engage with potential clients and visitors.
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This article is not about Harry but about “Product, Market, Customer, Marketing“. If you want to know more about this then you should read it:

Joanne K. Rowling finished her manuscript for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in 1995. She found an Agency to represent her in her quest for a publisher. She tried very hard to publish the story of the young wizard Harry Potter, but no agency wanted to publish it. After a long time of search, Bloomsbury (a publishing house in London) recognized the potential of Harry Potter. In 1997, J. K. Rowling and Bloomsbury published Philosopher’s Stone (just 500 for the market). In the US (market) the customers could find it under the title of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was published in July 1998 and in December 1999 the third novel, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, was released. The fourth book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, was released in 2000 and broke sales records on the market.

The fifth novel, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was published 3 years later in 2003. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was released in 2005.
The product was the book, now they needed the customers and consumers to buy it. 2007 Joanne K. Rowling finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Her Harry Potter books broke sales records. But How?

Harry Potter is a great book with a fantastic story, but J. K. Rowling also had a very good marketing strategy. 2019 it is still one of the most famous books.

Marketing Strategy

Joanne Rowling changed her name to J. K. Rowling because her management thought boys don’t like to read books which are written by a woman.

Harry Potter had a good marketing strategy. But at its core, the Harry Potter books were a good product and the consumers and customers liked it.
Harry Potter generates emotions. Harry Potter or any other book, product, business or brand can only become a phenomenon by the emotional involvement of consumers driving it to that status.

“Word-of-mouth marketing is a very important part of marketing and business”


A lot of customers heard about Harry Potter from another person. The customers bought the product because of the call to action of another consumer.
As soon as you got a group of consumers and customers (Harry Potter readers) it’s important to keep them loyal. Marketing has a lot do and to deal with customer and consumer loyalty.

Once a customer develops an emotional connection to the product and becomes loyal to a brand, it’s critical that nothing is done to damage the brand or betray consumers’ loyalties to it. If you lose it your business pays the price.

Joanne K. Rowling created an image of Harry Potter. An image the readers could identify with.

  1. K. continued to deliver on Harry Potters brand promise and brand loyalty and the customers brand advocacy continued to grow.
    After a while fans go crazy when they got leaking bits and pieces of information. J. K. Rowling did a good job by teasing some information’s. She told her fans that some important characters would die in the last books and everyone wanted to know who is going to die – Ron, Dumbledore or maybe Harry Potter himself.

A Movement, customers and marketing Service

Consumers build brands not a company – Advertising and a company might push customers and consumers in a direction, but finally the customer who experiences a brand, makes it his own, who becomes loyal to it beccause of emotional involvement pushes the product to success.

Harry Potter is the perfect example of a fundamental truth and wisdom: The consumers have got the might to build a brand.

The customers and the fandom are so powerful. If you use them for your marketing strategy you get a lot more potential for success. Because of this marketing and advertising Harry Potter was able to break sales records.

In 2019 J. K. Rowling sales her Harry Potter Books and products all over the world.

New Media Marketing and Customer Marketing

Never before a book caused so much traffic at the online Media: There are so many online texts about Harry Potter, discussions in the media and a lot of new stories.

Harry Potter got a big fandom and a lot of slash fandom. The Harry potter fans always wanted more of Harry Potter. The internet is an open space and it became a place where the Harry Potter consumers and fans socialize, network and experience the brand in their own ways. It is a process.
To handle this and to use it as marketing it needs a new process and a new way of marketing. A business and marketing strategy were needed.

Online marketing and social media marketing became more and more important for the business. Harry Potter is very famous on social media. The fandom is really active.

Social media marketing and online marketing need community management!

  1. K. decided to use the power of the Internet to build word-of-mouth marketing. The fan sites and blogs created a lot of fan fiction and fan art. It is a new kind of marketing, advertising and business. The marketing quickly realized that allowing consumers to take control of the conversation on social media and online and make the brand their own was far more powerful than trying to stop it. The fans do the advertising and marketing on their own – for a business it is hard to give up control and let the conversation flow, but it is a free marketing service.

An advertising and marketing service done by the customers.

More informations here:

Fans advertising, Fan products, Marketing

Pottermore and Wizarding World are marketing and services at the same time.

Like a Market-Place where fans can talk about the product. It’s a sales process.

2019 Harry Potter is one of the most famous books.

Marketing Tipps and Marketing Keywords:

  • Everything is a sales process, to sell products
  • Company business and marketing strategies
  • Services for customers
  • Find a market for products
  • Right marketing for right product
  • Good marketing services for a company or a business
  • Doing a research for the market and the product and analyze business, marketing and advertising strategies
  • Make good services
  • Use marketing
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When you run a contracting business, you need to be sure that you get noticed just like you would need to with any other business. You want to be seen on the internet so you can get the business that you want. There is only so much you can do with advertising. You will need to do more than just advertise your services. You will really need to put yourself out there in a way that gets you noticed online. If you have ever wondered how so many companies make it to the top of the search engines, you have only to learn of search engine optimization or SEO as it is called for short. It is a way to use writing and advertising to get your company the top of the search lists for a given topic.

The Right SEO

You might be wondering what SEO is all about. You will do well to go online to learn about SEO for contractors. By finding certain keywords and ad words that you can use in writing on websites, you literally draw a great deal of attention to your site just like you want to. It is a matter of analytics and finding the right kind of words to use. In addition, there is linking that needs to be done. You can use a service for this if you want to or you can try to do it all on your own. In all honesty, it is best to go with the SEO experts for this sort of thing. After all, your specialty is contracting so that is what you are best at and that is not the same thing as SEO at all. In fact, it is a totally different thing entirely.

Getting Noticed

One of the most important things to do is optimization of the content on your website. Naturally, you will have to do things to drive traffic toward your website as well. You will have to do both. You cannot just do one and expect all to go well. After all, you are trying to get noticed and that is the name of the game in this situation. When you have a website that is not optimal, you will lose people right when they get to the page. You need a good service on your side to help you with the website and search engine optimization so you can really get noticed in the way that you want to.

About Keywords

One of the main things you will be doing to get traffic to your website is finding keywords that really work. These are words that you can use in your website to draw attention to your site when people do searches. In other words, they are the keywords that people will use when looking for a business like yours. You have to use these keywords in your site so you can draw the attention that you are looking for. There are a number of analytic tools available online to help you do it all.

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