Month: March 2018

It is of course the era of the application. Whatever requirements we have, there comes an app to serve specifically to our requirements. Well, the world behind these applications is a bit technical, which makes it important for every mobile app marketers to know these techniques. When it comes to app ranking, there are certain ways that marketers can opt for. Here is a brief on all the important guidelines.


Ways To Rank Apps Over Search Engines:

Offer What Customers Are Looking For

It is important to be in the race in order to rank your application. And, the job can easily be accomplished if you know what to serve. This also makes it easy for the marketers to have a closer look at the competition. Thus, opting for surveys time-to-time is very much important owing to the fact that it helps every marketer to remain well informed. Additional researches can also be accomplished by keyword searches, competition targets, and the strategy to opt for.


Opt For Product Description With Proper Keywords In Place

Keywords are important to rank your app as users will always search for their queries with the specific set of keywords. Additionally. Users can also be attracted towards a compelling product description. Try to make your product description more like a call-to-action for the potential customers. Along with inserting the keywords properly, educate the users on why they must give it a shot to install your application.


Choose A Meaningful Product Icon

The visual icon of every application is the first interaction of the users with the app. This is enough for an app icon to be impressive enough for the users. If possible, design an app icon in resemblance to the app. App Store & Google Play have their preset standards of designing the application icon. For iOS, the icon size must remain 1024*1024. For Google, the prescribed size is 180*180. There are certain other recommendations too that developers must keep into the mind to design the app icon for the respective stores.


Opt for Outside Promotion To Increase The Traffic

Once, the app icon has been designed specifically for the respective stores and submitted as well, it’s time for the promotions. App Store Optimization with the on-page techniques is one among the several tools in your mobile app marketing kit. Marketers can opt for SEO or search engine optimization techniques for adding more traffic to the application. Besides the practice, it is also important to have a social media presence with a compelling piece of content to help users know the importance of your app.


Update The App Frequent

Be it App Store or the Google Play, every store keeps updating its prescribed guidelines on how the apps should be designed. Therefore, it becomes important for app marketers to update their applications along similar guidelines. Not only updating the application is important but also the description, app icon, the review, ratings and everything that can entice the users towards the app. The end goal is to make your app popular among the users.


Wrapping IT Up

Backed by a proper understanding of app store ranking algorithm, the tips prescribed above can help mobile app marketers to easily rank their applications in the app stores. With the proper understanding of these ASO practices, you can easily make a bullet-proof ASO strategy that will actually do wonders for your application. Therefore, do practice these strategies in order to catapult your app the right way. The rank of your application matters when it is about providing visibility to the app. And, thus opting for the best strategies could help you win the battle without struggling much.


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In the digital world, every business needs the website that creates the brand awareness. The search engine optimization is one of the popular ways to enhance your business online. The SEO reseller programs are beneficial when compared to the domain name, reselling hosting, software development and other services on the internet. Nowadays, there are high demands for the SEO reseller program because it offers the huge way to make money in the field. You can choose the best program for your needs.

Hire best SEO reseller program for your business

Are you looking to hire the SEO reseller program? Then you should consider the various factors such as company license, experts experience, service cost, client reviews and others. These factors help you to hire reputed SEP Reseller Program for your organization. The experienced company provides the quality services and they help you improve the brand awareness around the targeted customers. By hiring the SEO Reseller Program you can build the strong relationship with your clients. The company has the experienced staff to deliver the quality services to their clients. They offer the affordable search engine optimization reseller program service.

Benefits of SEO Reseller Program

The great benefit of SEO reseller program is that help you stay top position in the competition. The White Label SEO help you bring more traffic to your site, improve the sales, generate the leads and others. The reseller program offers the lot of the benefits such as improves website ranking, link building, and others.

  • Improve website ranking

One of the main benefits of using the agencyplatform is improving the website ranking on the search engine. The SEO handle the unique way that the search engine sees the website. The search engine ranking is crucial for website sort. The people looking anything related to your site then your website will display on the front page of Google if you have good ranking in search engine. The SEO agency helps you boost the website ranking in the search engine.

  • Improve the brand

Most of the search engine optimization resellers allow the users to sell the products or services in their own name. The SEO reseller process can be really beneficial for the business that helps you brand your product without any hassle. One of the main reasons for hiring the reliable SEO reseller service is enhancing the brand and they deliver the profitable result for the clients.

  • Link building

The link building is exchanging the link between two sites. The link building helps to improve the online presence. The search engine optimization outsourcing is great that help you find the best site for you. The link building improves the audience to your website.


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Finding a web designer is a crucial component to getting your online business off the ground. This is why you need to have an understanding of the things you will need to look for when you are hiring a web designer. Do not simply choose a web designer at random out of the phone book. Look into the person’s background and make sure you are hiring a quality person. Web designers come in many different skill levels. Therefore, you need to be very patient in your search in order to ensure that you hire a web designer who will do a great job for you. Here is what you will need to look for in a web designer.


  1. How long has the web designer been working in that particular field?


Experience is key when you are going to be hiring a web designer. You need to hire a person who has designed many websites in the past. Ideally, this person should specialize in designing sites that are similar to yours. The person you hire should have a minimum of three years of experience in web design. This amount of experience will ensure that he will be able to handle any request that you make. You might also want to look into some companies that offer various website design packages.


  1. The level of skill possessed by your web designer needs to be very high.


You should get an idea about the level of skill that your web designer has by looking at some of his earlier work. You should never agree to hire a web designer without first taking a look at a dozen or so of the previous sites he has been involved in creating. Play around with these sites to test out their speed and functionality. Testing out a web designer’s previous sites will give you a good idea of what your site will look like if you make the decision to hire that particular web designer.


  1. Your web designer should be able to adapt to sudden changes.


You might change your mind about the way you want your website to be designed after you have already given instructions to your web designer. Therefore, this person must not get flustered if you ask him to make changes quickly and without warning. Web design is not an exact science. Your web designer needs to be able to follow your instructions to the letter and change directions at a moment’s notice. He should also charge a reasonable rate for his services. It would be in your best interests to get prices from a variety of web designers before you hire someone.


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