3 Ways to Know If You are Ready for Upgrading your Hosting Plan

For every website owner, the ultimate goal is to increase the traffic on their business site, raise awareness and eventually, make conversions. So, when that happens, it is indeed a dream come true. Having said that, increased traffic can also mean that your site is getting overloaded, which can affect the performance. In such scenarios, it is better to upgrade yourself to a VPS host.

VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting runs on virtual servers. It uses the program called hypervisor which enables multiple servers on a common physical server. Each such server and their respective resources like hardware, software, applications, tools, and even management, are exclusive of the other. This allows you to enjoy complete control and privacy of your server as you would in dedicated hosting.

So, how would you know when to upgrade? Here are a few indicators to look for-

Your website traffic grows exponentially

This applies more to businesses like e-commerce, entertainment, social media, or news, where the site content keeps on increasing, thus attracting more users. Each such visitor uses up site resources, and even before you know, it overloads your shared hosting platform. If it goes beyond control, your web host might decide to take action, which can range from diverting traffic to suspension of the account. Even if the host lets you scale up the resources, there would be a limit and could take more time than expected. When such traffic spikes happen or chances of happening are high, then consider switching to VPS.

You want more control over your operations

Shared hosting platforms allow minimal control on server and its resources. So even if you need to make a relevant change to the configuration, you cannot do it on your own and need to seek your hosting provider’s permission. They might or might not execute such request based on their resource availability or service agreements. So, if you think you need more control over your server operations, then VPS hosting is the only solution which will give you complete root access, and you can keep adding resources as and when you need.

You want to regulate the costs

Cost is often a significant deterrent for a site owner to decide on a high-end hosting plan, especially if they are just starting the business. Hence the choice of shared hosting. Needless to say, shared hosting plans are much cheaper than dedicated hosting and does let you save initial costs. But, in the future, when you need to add more resources, you will have to pay extra for every addition or upgrade. This can turn out to be an expensive affair in the long run. VPS hosting saves you from this trouble. They might be slightly more expensive than shared hosting but are way cheaper than dedicated hosting and yet, gives you the advantage of a dedicated host. Thus, it would be more of a one-time investment, since there will be no recurring cost, in case you want to add any extra resource in the future.

Summing up…

Most often than not, we see website owners opt for a basic hosting plan on a shared platform. Although this proves to be workable in the first phase of the business, such hosting solutions are not beneficial for the long run, mainly when the site is prone to high traffic. Always remember, your site is as good as your host. So whatever hosting services that you use will reflect on your website’s performance.

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