A2 Hosting – Features and Know Why You Should Go For

A2 Hosting may not be as “internet famous” as it should be, but undoubtedly, it has one of the fastest web server existing today. A2 Hosting was founded with the name “Iniquinet” in 2001 and was renamed to A2 Hosting in 2003, the company has been providing quality web hosting services ever since then. A2 Hosting claims to have a server speed of up to 20x faster than industrial hosting servers, they also claim 99.9% uptime, 100% security and great expert supports. The question now is, are those claims real or mere unreal boasts? Let’s find out how real these features are and how they achieve such feat.

Blazing fast server; up to 20x server

A2 Hosting has been consistent in providing quality web hosting services for the past 18 years, that means for them to be around and relevant for that long, they must have a unique method and very good experts that maintain their servers. The company also take precaution to limit the number of clients on shared hosting servers, perhaps that is the reason their plans are a bit costly than average hosting price. In addition, A2 Hosting provides additional optimized integrations for WordPress hosting based plans; an example of such integration is LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress.

99.9% uptime

Statistics show that from January to September 2018, A2 Hosting has achieved an average uptime of 99.92%. A slowing website drives away visitors already, talk less of an intermittently live website, A2 Hosting knows how much even a 0.01% downtime could cost, so they invested a lot more in ensuring maximum uptime possible.

Efficient and fast customer support

Uptime and super-fast load times are good, but what also matters is getting help when you need it most i.e. when issues you can handle pops up. Better Business Bureau gave A2 Hosting an A+ rating for providing good customer support for the past 15 years, which means they must have been offering outstanding support that solves client issues consistently for that long. And wouldn’t it be so, they offer 24/7/365 friendly and helpful support through email, chat, phone or ticket submission.

Free ‘HackScan’ safeguard measures

A2 Hosting make use of HackScan to provide various web hosting security services such as virus scanning, firewall, brute force defense and 24/7 security monitoring. Unless you are extremely careless, your website security should be at its maximum level.

In addition to the above verified features, you still get the following services

Free website migration

A2 Hosting will help you migrate your website from another hosting server to theirs. A2 Hosting know that moving a website can turn hassle if not equipped with required knowledge, and improper migration may not allow your website to utilize the amazing features they have to offer, so they will migrate your website for you if you are using cPanel (which most web hosting providers use), not all hosting companies do this for free.

Dedicated hosting plans for WordPress

WordPress is obviously the most widely used CMS script today, it is designed for speed, efficiency, and flexibility. A2 Hosting offers hosting plans suitable for hosting WordPress websites; Managed WordPress Hosting. This plan is packed with features that makes it hard to resist for WordPress hosting.

If for any reason Managed WordPress Hosting is not for you, they also offer a variety of other services. With services ranging from standard Shared Hosting to Fully Managed VPS Hosting to Dedicated Servers, rest assured they have something for everyone.

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